Spy Bahu 27th May 2022 Written Update: Saras follows Sejal.


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The episode starts with Sejal telling SK about the gunpowder and wire she found. SK tells he understands the plan now and tells a team is coming from Dubai and one of them is linked with terrorism but we don’t know who so you have to tap Yohan’s phone before they come. Arun starts coughing and calls the servants. Sejal warms water and gives it to a servant for Arun. Minal tells she won’t let her son suffer for a unknown girl,he is having online classes since he came here. Saras tells Sejal is no unknown girl and she still cares for us. Bamba takes the phone from Baa and gets glad watching the picture of Yohan kissing Sejal.

Minal asks Bamba why is he so happy? Bamba lies that his result came and he passed. Yohan thinks about Bamba while staring at his picture with Sejal,and closes the phone in hurry when he senses Sejal coming towards him. Sejal thinks Yohan is hiding about the Mumbai attack from her and sits close to Yohan on the dining table. Yohan wonders why is Sejal is sitting near him and tells her to let him do his work. Sejal steals Yohan’s phone and leaves.

Sejal tries to unlock his phone by guessing the password and finally the phone is about to unlock with Drishti’s birth date. Yohan thinks Sejal might find the picture of him kissing her and rushes to take the phone from her. Yohan and Sejal fight for the phone and it falls down. Sejal watches the picture in shock and yells at Yohan. Yohan tells Sejal he had to do it for Bamba and tells her about the story of him meeting Bamba. Sejal thinks one good act doesn’t change the fact that he killed Sohail and innocent people so she will definitely get him punished. Yohan tells Sejal he couldn’t hurt the feelings of an innocent child by telling the truth about his sister.

Krish mixes some illegal powder in Alisha’s brownie and tells Alisha that why is she thinking about Yohan as now Sejal is Yohan’s wife. Alisha tells after his marriage my craze to get Yohan has only increased. Krish tells she can’t enjoy with Yohan he will just scold her so she should marry him. Alisha tells she will only marry Yohan and now she is going to give a surprise to Yohan and can’t wait. Yohan tells Arun to let him tie his knot and tells him to go to the living room as some delegates are coming. Yohan tells he hasn’t forgotten his promise and gives Arun the file of delegates and tells he invited them home for good relations. Arun tells this deal would benefit us a lot and the credit would be his. Yohan tells he doesn’t want any credit or money but just Arun to be nice with Drishti. Arun tells Yohan he is worried about him so he is harsh on him.

Alisha tells she just hopes Sejal doesn’t do any drama in front of the delegates. Alisha tells Yohan not to worry she will handle Sejal well after all she is the unofficial bahu of Nanda house. Avishek tells on home that a member of their team is coming to Nanda mansion today and soon the sounds of their blasts will reach Kashmir. Sejal lies to Avishek that she was going to temple from back door as it is short cut. Avishek tells Sejal he knows her truth,he tells she is planning something else to teach a lesson to Alisha. Sejal tells she isn’t. Avishek tells her she should as we outsiders have to do something to make our place in this house.

Sejal sits in auto and leaves while Saras follows her in another auto. Sejal gets into the momo shop to meet SK sir. Saras starts looking for Sejal. Sejal tells SK she couldn’t copy Yohan’s cell. SK tells Tanhaji is on leave for some personal work so we cannot make mistakes. Sejal apologises and tells it won’t happen again. SK tells Sejal not to forget the cost she is paying for her mission. Sejal tells do we have any other way to find out Yohan’s plan? SK gives Sejal a device and tells she can listen to anyone using it and it is her mission to place it on the delegates coming to Nanda mansion. SK tells Sejal the sooner she finishes her mission the sooner she can go home. Sejal tells SK she needs his help. Sejal is surprised to find Saras outside the shop in CCTV camera.

Sejal goes out and asks Saras if he is following her? Saras tells he was missing her so he just wanted to see her. Sejal tells if he is done watching can she leave? Saras tells Sejal that Bamba was praising Yohan and asks her if she is really happy? Saras tells she is doing all this for her happiness. Saras tells Sejal that he will understand her and asks her to tell the truth. The episode ends with Sejal leaving Saras saying he is wasting her time she has to go to parlor.

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