Spy Bahu 27th September 2022 Written Update: Sejal finds clues against Arbaaz


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The episode starts with Sejal and Sk sir discussing about Yohan’s sudden change of hotel and how could Ahana know about new hotel. Sk sir asks her to call in the hotel in which room booking was cancelled. The receptionist informs Sejal that room was not cancelled and they even had tried to contact Yohan. Sejal realizes Yohan was given misinformation and made to change the hotel. Sk sir and Sejal go to the hotel where Yohan had stayed.

The receptionist denies giving any information as its confidential. Sk sir tells about three floors of the hotel being illegal and asks if they should inform reporters. Receptionist says he can give them bills of food Yohan had order. They are shocked to see its two plated of pasta with champagne. Sejal tells how Yohan was having soup when he had called her and all this is a trap to mislead people into believing that Yohan knew Ahana would be coming. Sejal notices the waiter working there. Sk sir tells Sejal someone inside the hotel must be helping Ahana. Sejal asks if they can try to get information from Veera.

Sk Sir says that Veera is habituated to luxurious life and may be can spill something in return so they can try. Waiter calls Arbaaz and informs him about Sejal coming there but didn’t find anything as they had already altered the bills. Arbaaz tells him he will get his money. Sk sir meets Veera and tries to act nice to her but she asks him to shut up and let Ahana know that Sir ji is very happy with her. Inspector talks to lawyer hired for Ahana and tells her she will get all the leads for the case.

Inspector informs Yohan that his opponent lawyer is Sabnam Gulati who has never lost any case and his hearing in in two days. Sejal tells Sk Sir about Arbaaz and says he might be helping Ahana. He asks her to get his sketch made. Sejal prays to goddess and finds Arun sitting frustrated. He tells how lawyer has backed out after knowing that Medical reports aren’t in Yohan’s favor. Sejal thinks if Arbaaz gets caught they will also have some proof. Sejal meets inspector and tells him about Arbaaz.

Inspector isnt ready to trust Sejal but she informs him about how Yohan was given wrong information about hotel room being cancelled. Sk sir tells inspector that Sejal has always helped them and tells him to track Arbaaz and let Sejal come along with them. On location, Sejal is shocked to see waiter waiting. She thinks he is same waiter she has seen at hotel last day.

Arbaaz comes and gives him money. Inspector asks his men to not let Arbaaz flee. Inspector and Sejal asks Arbaaz to surrender. But he fools them and runs away. Sejal tells police about the waiter. The episode ends with Sejal coming back home and gets surrounded by reporters who bad mouth about Yohan but she confidently says Yohan will be proved innocent.

The episode starts with Sejal asking inspector about Ahana and requesting to show her statement but he denies showing it to her as its breech to the rules. He tells that Ahana’s medical reports already proved that she has been physically assaulted but they can wait for Yohan’s medical reports to come and find out if Yohan is one who had molested Ahana. Sejal tells that Yohan is innocent and requests police to let her meet him once. Police grants permission for 5 minutes.

Arun is stressed about Yohan’s arrest. Shalini tries to boost him up and says Ahana is doing all this to take revenge. Krish asks what if Yohan had committed the mistake. Arun tells he is confident that Yohan would never do such a thing and Veera already ruined his life but he won’t let Yohan’s life be ruined. Shalini tells they are all together in this and specially Yohan’s biggest strength Sejal won’t let anything go wrong. Sejal meets Yohan who is feeling guilty and helpless. She asks him to remember what had happened that night.

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