Spy Bahu 28th July 2022 Written Update: Sejal challenges Ahana that she can never come in between her and Yohan.


Spy Bahu 28th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Sejal and Ahana coming to shopping. Sejal tells her to purchase clothes and she will back in a while. Ahana is confused but goes inside the shop. Veera calls Ahana and she informs her that she has been waiting for 30 minutes but Sejal is no where. A kid comes running and asks something to Ahana in Kashmiri, she doesn’t answer anything. Sejal is seen peeking over and she comes and answers the boy.

Sejal tells Ahana that the boy was speaking in Kashmiri and she couldn’t understand it as she isn’t Mahira. Mahira starts her acting and tells she didn’t speak as when the boy asked about his brother she was reminded of Farid.

Sejal tells her to stop lying and showing other’s pain as her own. Ahana speaks in Kashmiri and Sejal gets shocked. Seeing crowd around, Ahana intentionally starts hitting her own hand. People badmouth Sejal and scold her. Ahana acts innocent and tells its not Sejal’s fault. Later Ahana also asks driver not to tell about this incident at home.

Sejal thinks she needs to think of something else to expose her fake behaviour. Sejal and Ahana reach home to find Yohan there. Ahana tries to hide her hand and Yohan shows his concern. When he sees her hand hurt, Yohan starts scolding Sejal for being careless. Ahana smirks happily. Yohan questions Sejal where she went leaving Ahana alone. Ahana says she will leave so that Sejal and Yohan can talk in private. Sejal stops her. Sejal tells Yohan that she had gone to Dargah. She says she had seen Dargah on the way but Mahira didn’t remember to go.

Sejal tells may be she forgot about childhood memories of how Yohan and Mahira used to visit Dargah. She says she went to make mannat so that Yohan and Mahira’s friendship is always intact. She ties the thread on Yohan’s wrist.

Yohan feels overwhelmed and tells her sorry for shouting at her. Yohan says wives are always right and gets close to Sejal. Ahana feels angry. Sejal tells her now she can leave. Ahana asks Sejal to give her thread. Sejal tells her wrist is hurt and she cannot tie it. Yohan says he will drop her bags at room.

Sejal tells Ahana she can never come in between her and Yohan. Ahana sees cockroach and starts screaming. She falls in Yohan’s arms and smirks. Yohan tells his Mahira was never afraid of all these things. Sejal thinks Yohan has caught her lie. But Ahana starts acting and starts narrating the terrorist attack when Mahira had lost her parents.

Sejal hears and starts feeling weak. Yohan hugs Ahana and consoles her. Veera comes with Sejal and tells how she is crying hearing Mahira’s story. Veera taunts Sejal indirectly. The episode ends with Sejal giving back to Ahana and Veera and says she has confidence on her relationship with Yohan.

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