Spy Bahu 29th August 2022 Written Update:


Spy Bahu 29th August 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Shalini and Krish taking Sejal to her room. Shalini feels Sejal is lying about losing memories. Sejal tells house is so big and she is getting confused. Krish shows her room. She sees Aarti’s picture and asks about her. Shalini tells she is Yohan’s real mother. Ahana feels that Sejal is pretending and wants to kill her but Veera warns her against it as Yohan has brought her at home . Ahana vows to not let Yohan go off from her life.

Arun comes to room and finds Veera waiting for him with alcohol. She tries to seduce and manipulate him to throw Sejal out from home. However Arun strictly denies because Sejal is carrying their family child in her womb. At room Sejal looks around and checks cupboards. She wonders why there is no sign at all that she used to live there. She is looking inside Yohan’s cupboard when he comes there. Sejal questions him about her belongings. Yohan remembers how he had burnt down everything. Yohan doesn’t say anything to Sejal..

Sejal puts Yohan’s hands on her womb and asks if he is hiding something and if he has intentionally removed her memories from his room. She also questions about what betrayal was he talking about. Yohan changes the topic by saying that he has ordered to bring warm water with salt and she should dip her legs in it to feel better. Yohan starts leaving the room, Sejal asks him where he is going so late at night but he doesn’t tell her. Yohan is again at boxing ring getting badly beaten up. People laugh at his condition. Sejal also comes there and feels shocked.

Sejal tells Yohan to stop but he keeps getting hurt. Everyone leaves from there. Yohan is lying in the ring injured. Sejal brings first aid box to treat his wounds but he doesn’t allow her. She forcefully treats him and he keeps looking at her. Sejal asks him the reason for his behavior and feels heartbroken seeing his painful condition. Yohan tells that she always betrays him. Even their first meeting was a dhoka and she is doing same now. Sejal is confused and he blames her for pretending to have memory loss and taking his baby away from him.

Sejal is speechless when Yohan tells her to leave him after giving him his baby. Sejal falls unconscious. Yohan takes her to room and makes her lie on the bed. Shalini teases Ahana about failing to become her sister in law as Yohan has brought Sejal back. Yohan sees Sejal feeling cold so switches the AC off. He brings Sejal’s blanket and thinks she will surely react seeing it and he will catch her lie. Veera calls Yohan and asks him to let Sejal go. The episode ends with Yohan saying he will soon prove that Sejal hasn’t forgotten anything which shocks Veera and Ahana.

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