Spy Bahu 29th July 2022 Written Update: Sejal reaches Veera’s office


Spy Bahu 29th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Yohan and Sejal getting romantic and Yohan teases Sejal about confessing her love infront of everyone. Sejal asks if she should go to her home then. Yohan tells her he would shake whole city if she goes. Later Sejal reached her room and finds Shalini looking for something in her cupboard. Sejal scolds her for stealing. Shalini tells she had just come to return back what she had taken earlier. Sejal gets worried but is relieved when Shalini gives her key back.

Shalini tells that she has done Sejal’s work easier and says how none of the locks of house opens with that key. Sejal remembers how Veera was being over protective about the keys and thinks its related to her big secret. Yohan and Arun Nanda are talking about new gun. Yohan says the design isnt safe as its parts can easily be dismantled and carried anywhere which may be helpful for the illegal works of terrorist. Sejal also comes there. Arun tells Veera that he is sorry as her idea is not being approved by Yohan.

Veera tells its fine and she had just seen the model online and thought their company should also manufacture it. Sejal tells her not to feel bad as Yohan has rejected her idea but they cannot support terrorism. Veera tells Sejal that she will be taking night school kids to library and asks her to prepare authentic Gujarati Thali with twenty dishes.

Yohan asks why is she making Sejal do so much of hardwork. Veera says that last night Drishti had seen photo of Gujarati plate and had wanted to eat it that’s why she is asking Sejal to prepare it. Yohan says Sejal to make only if she is comfortable.

Sejal tells she will definitely prepare it. Veera thinks now Sejal cannot follow her as she will be busy with duties of good daughter in law. While Sejal thinks she can do duty of both bahu and spy. Sejal talks to Mrinal and tells about the key. Mrinal tells her old proverb and says indirectly that the key may not be of lock at home. Sejal connects the dots and thinks it must be at night school as Veera goes there too often. Someone is shown placing hidden camera at Sejal’s home.

Sejal reaches night school and tries to find the gate with lock. She sees a big photo of Veera and finds a door behind it. She keeps trying but cannot open the door so she realizes Veera has changed the lock. Sejal gets successful in entering the room. She is shocked to see everything inside. Suddenly she hears a male voice and asks who it is.

Veera appears and show how she used voice modulation to change her voice. She shows the skeleton which she address as Aarti. Sejal records everything as Veera confesses how she had killed Aarti herself. The episode ends with Veera laughing hysterically and says she won’t let Sejal go out of the room.

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