Spy Bahu 29th June 2022 Written Update: Yohan discloses to Sejal about his first love Mahira


Spy Bahu 29th June 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Yohan wishing Sejal a happy birthday. He says that he wants to know everything about her. He adds that he also wants to tell about him as a relation should be based on the truth. He tells her about his first childhood love in Kashmir. He says that he used to go to Kashmir every year for vacations and he met her during a vacation. She became his best friend then lover. He says that he wanted to meet her once, but couldn’t as her family become victim of a terrorist attack.

The body of that girl and her brother couldn’t be found. He started the mission of Kashmir because of her. Sejal asks what’s her name. Yohan says Mahira Mirza. Sejal stands shocked and remembers meeting the child Yohan when she was a kid.

Yohan shows Sejal Mahira’s photo. He says that she used to call him cuckoo. Sejal remembers the same and realizes that Yohan is her childhood friend and she failed to recognize him. She thinks that she only considered him as friend.

Yohan says that today is Mayira’s birthday too. Sejal thinks that he still remembers her birthday, but she forget him due her life’s problems. Yohan says that he used to celebrate Mahira’s birthday every year, but this time he wants to celebrate Sejal’s birthday and wants to share her joy and sorrow. He hopes that Mahira will be happy with this. He says that only his mother and Drishti were aware of it, but he wants to share his secret with her too. Sejal cries.

Yohan asks why she’s crying, if he hurt her. Sejal is about to say that she’s Mahira, but Bomba and Drishti’s arrival interrupts their talk. Sejal leaves with Bomba. Yohan says to Drishti that he did wrong by revealing about Mahira to Sejal, she might got angry because of this. Drishti says that he did wrong. She says that maybe Sejal loves him so she got jealous. Yohan says that it’s possible, but he didn’t think that way.

Sejal walks remembering Yohan and her childhood moments. She controls her emotions and thinks that she should focus on getting Farid’s DNA. Farid is in call with someone and says that Yohan and Sejal will die today. Sejal comes to the hall. All looks at her. All praises Sejal’s look.

Sejal thanks Yohan for all his efforts to make her birthday special. Bomba says to let play a game and explains the game rules. Yohan and Sejal take part in the game. Yohan and Sejal’s turn comes. Yohan and Sejal share an eyelock during the game. Sejal recalls Yohan’s confession about his first love.

Yohan picks the kerchief and wins. Sejal’s mother brings the bowl filled with chits. She adds a chit in the bowl. In Sejal’s chit is written that the one who will lose has to kiss the one who will win. Yohan says that Sejal can change the chit if she wants. Sejal moves closer to Yohan and kisses his cheek. Yohan and Sejal stare at each other.

The episode ends.

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