Spy Bahu 2nd August 2022 Written Update: Yohan comes to know Abhishek was Farid


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The episode starts with Yohan and Sejal’s sleeping while Sejal keeps thinking about cameras installed at her Jamnagar house. She calls Mrinal and tells her not to speak anything. Sejal informs Mrinal about the hidden cameras and asks her to be more careful. She tells she will keep them protected and Veera is just using them as a bait to keep her threatened. She says when Ahana goes to police station with Yohan, she will find evidence from her room.

Ahana and Yohan leave for police station. Sejal goes to Ahana’s room and Veera informs Ahana about Sejal going to her room. Ahana tells Yohan that she forgot to bring Farid’s photograph and asks him to go back home. Ahana starts her acting seeing Sejal rummaging her cupboard.

Yohan is shocked and sides with Ahana and scolds Sejal. Ahana acts nice and says him not to fight because of her. She says she will leave the house. Yohan feels upset with Sejal for doubting Mahira. Veera waits for Shera to come. Shera meets Drishti and she complains him about Abhishek not coming.

Veera intentionally drops Farid’s childhood photo along with some toys and makes Drishti notice it. Ahana comes with her luggage and says she will leave. Drishti goes to show the picture to Yohan. Ahana says its her Farid bhai and starts acting again.

Yohan matched the photo she has and one with Drishti and says there is age difference and cannot be understood if they’re same. Shera says about Abhishek coming from Kashmir. Ahana asks about where he is. Yohan tells about Farid’s death. Sejal gets flashbacks of his death and feel hurt. Ahana aka Fake Mahira acts devastated and goes out crying. Yohan follows her.

Sejal realizes her getting caught in Ahana’s room and then Shera coming there all cannot be just coincidence. Veera taunts Sejal and tells how she had made full proof plan. Flashback is shown how Veera had made all this plan with Ahana last night.

Veera tells Sejal she has brought white dupatta for her as its kafan. She drapes it on Sejal’s head and warns her about hurting Yohan. Sejal gets angry at Veera but feels helpless. Yohan consoles Ahana and says sorry on behalf of Sejal. She acts innocent and hugs him.

Ahana smirks seeing Sejal. In room, Sejal tells Yohan that she is Mahira but then she remembers how Veera had said her that without proofs Yohan won’t believe her. So Sejal changes her statement and says she feels insecure of Mahira’s presence. Sejal tells Yohan that she thinks someone may take advantage of him being so nice and backstab him.

Yohan tells that Mahira is Drishti’s child’w bhua so a part of their family and she won’t hurt him. Ahana comes there and asks Yohan to take her the site where Farid was shot. The episode ends with Sejal thinking something is definitely not right.

The episode starts with Veera laughing hysterically and asking Sejal if she thought that she can record all her confessions and she won’t even understand. Veera compliments her for being a good spy but say she is more experienced and nothing works inside the room. She asks Sejal to quickly replay the video she had recorded. Sejal realizes nothing was saved in the gallery. Veera then goes on to taunt her and shows her live footage from her home at Jamnagar.

Sejal gets angry and asks how dare she reach her home and family. Veera laughs and says in the same way as she reached hers. She tells Sejal that not only camera but also bombs are fitted in her home.

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