Spy Bahu 2nd June 2022 Written Update: Sejal’s family leave Delhi.


Spy Bahu 2nd June 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Sejal coming out and telling Yohan why are you telling me about Bamba’s message and it is good if they are going back it would be less emotional torture for her. Yohan tells Sejal your brother loves you so much that he left his home alone at night to give you your quilt so that you can sleep peacefully ask those who got a father who hates them, an elder brother is jealous of him, younger step-brother doesn’t care if I am alive or dead.

Yohan tells Sejal is ungrateful of the family she has got and she would have cared for them if she got a family like his. Sejal thinks she values her family and till her family was in Delhi at least she knew they were around but now she will be left alone.Sejal sits in the car and listens to her house’s audio device. Sejal predicts the scene occuring at her house from her memory of packing everytime they go our and gets emotional.

SK listens to a recording from the delegates that they got guns and grenades because of Yohan and mission Azaadi will soon be successful in Mumbai. Yohan meets some boys in a warehouse and asks them if the weapons and grenades are ready? The boys show him the weapons and Yohan tells them their training is finally successful today. SK calls Sejal and tells her that she was right and now she has a chance to catch Yohan red handed. SK tells Sejal that Yohan is planning a terrorist attack in Mumbai and we have to prevent it. Sejal thinks she won’t let this chance go and just take blessing once for the tough fight ahead.

Sejal’s family wait for taxi with their luggage. Sejal disguises as a taxi driver in burkha and stops in front of them. Sejal changes her voice and asks if they neend taxi? Baa tells will a girl dirve taxi now? Sejal tells today’s girl can do anything. Minal tells we will now stop at Jamnagar only and gets in the taxi. Sejal drops her family at the station and takes blessings from everyone by excuse of picking up coins. Yohan hands the plans to the boys.

Avishek comes out and tells on phone that he has made plan to confuse the agents. Yohan finds a big box in his room and opens it. Alisha comes out of the box and tells Yohan did she surprise him. Yohan asks her did she want to scare him? Yohan tells he will never forgive her for what she did yesterday.

Alisha tells Vyom became overexcited he was just being a boy. Yohan tells what do you mean by just being a boy? Alisha tells you have to forgive me as your father needs my father. Yohan tells I don’t like threats. Alisha tells she is not threatening him it’s just I have taken so much efforts for you and I made this surprise for you risking my life just to tell you how sorry I am.

Alisha tells now I can begin my packing for Mumbai. Yohan tells she will get bored and he doesn’t want her to come to Mumbai. Alisha tells Yohan he got the deal for her father so she has all the right to come with him. Sejal watches Yohan and Alisha’s conversation on her spy cam. Alisha tells Yohan she knows he has old mentality so she will start stripping if he doesn’t let her come with him.

Yohan stops Alisha and agrees to her coming with him. Sejal thinks Yohan is going to do terrorist attacks in Mumbai. Avishek tells Drishti he is taking her to Mumbai for their honeymoon. Avishek tells her Yohan is also going there on business trip. Drishti gets excited and Avishek thinks he might have to sacrifice her too for mission Azaadi.

Yohan, Alisha, Drishti and Avishek land in Mumbai and reach a very expensive hotel. Alisha goes to the counter for room keys. Receptionist tells the suite is already booked and Mrs Nanda already took the key and she is sitting with Mr and Mrs Shah. The episode ends with Alisha shockingly looking at Sejal.

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