Spy Bahu 30th June 2022 Written Update: Yohan and Sejal get saved from Fareed’s attack


Spy Bahu 30th June 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Sejal suggesting playing a game in order to collect Fareed’s DNA. Sejal explains the game. She says that husbands will have their eyes blindfolded. They have to find their wifes correctly by touching her hand.  They all play the game. During the game Sejal manages to collect a body hair of Fareeh from his hand and keeps it safely. Yohan correctly identifies Sejal. The latter excuses herself giving some excuses. She comes to her room and keeps the DNA sample safe.

Yohan comes there following Sejal. He complimates her beauty. He makes her wear glasses and says to herself and not to try change. He says that her silence scars him. He asks if she got upset with Mira’s revelation. He says that she’s Mira is her past, but sejal his present. Sejal thanks him for trusting her and sharing his secret. Yohan asks if she doesn’t know trust him and asks why she doesn’t share her secret with him. Sejal reveals that she is Mira Mirza. Yohan is shocked and refuses to believe her.

Sejal says that she is telling the truth. She tells about everything including her mission of spying Yohan. Yohan gets angry and lashes out at her. Sejal apologizes to him. Yohan refuses to forgive her. He says that he hates her. Sejal looks on teary eyes. It’s all turns to be her imagination. Yohan asks Sejal if she’s fine. Just then Bamba comes there and calls them as it’s going to strike twelve. Sejal decides to hide the fact that she’s Mira from Yohan since she fears that he will hate her knowing the truth.

Sejal cuts the cake. Sejal and Yohan feed each other. Yohan wishes her happy birthday. Sejal thanks him. Bomba asks Yohan for Sejal’s gifts. Yohan takes out the bangles of his mother to gift Sejal. He says that he usually doesn’t let anyone touch these bangles, bura he wants to give them to Sejal. Sejal gives her hand. Yohan is about to slide the bangles in Sejal’s hand. Fareed unties the rope of the chandelier.

Yohan drops the bangle and bends to pick it up. He sees the chandelier falling down. He saves Sejal in right time. Family gets shocked. Drishti says that they were saved because of the bangles. Yohan says that his mom saved them. Sejal realizes that Fareed wanted to kill them. Fareed wonders how they escaped. Yohan checkes the rain and understands that it was consciously cut it. Sejal thinks of exposing Fareed after getting his DNA samples. She vows to not let anyone him hurt anyone hereafter.

Sejal comes to the hospital to submit the DNA sample. Someone follows her. The nurse asks Sejal to come the next day to collect the DNA report. Sejal leaves. Sejal return home. Sejal mother asks where she has gone. She takes her to give her a head massage. She tells Sejal about fasting for her husband and asks if she will fast. Just then Yohan comes there. Sejal mother says that she considers Yohan as her son.

Sejal wonders why her mother is saying despite knowing that their relation is going to end. Yohan asks if he can get a head massage too as he wants to feel how it will feel when mother’s hands are placed in son’s head. Sejal mother agrees and gives him a head massage too. Sejal thinks that she will keep fast for Yohan’s safety. She thinks that he won’t let Fareed to harm Yohan.

The episode ends.

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