Spy Bahu 30th March 2022 Written Update: Yohan agrees to attend business meeting at lunch.


Spy Bahu 30th March 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Sejal crying and shouting for help. Yohan opens the gate and Sejal runs out and hugs him. Yohan tells Sejal has failed to maintain distance from him again. Yohan tells Sejal he already told he would make it difficult for her to live here so it’s better for her to leave. Sejal thinks only a terrorist could be cold hearted like this. Sejal overhears Yohan talking with someone on phone about arranging 4lacs.

Veera and Drishti are having breakfast and Sejal saves tea from falling on Arun. Sejal tells she has prepared tea for Arun but Arun takes orange juice and leaves from there. Sejal asks Veera if she should send food for Arun as he didn’t eat anything. Veera tells Sejal that Arun will remain tensed like this because he wants Yohan to be the president of his company but Yohan doesn’t even look at the company. Sejal tells Veera if Yohan won’t go to company she can call them home,she tells him Yohan needs 4 lacs and might agree to her. Veera comes to meet Yohan and tells she has arranged lunch at home and he would get 5lacs for attending the lunch. Yohan tells he will take 8lacs and agrees for lunch. Veera tells Yohan not to tell about the money to his father. Veera tells Arun that Yohan has agreed for business meeting. Arun gets glad and says that today for the first time Yohan has made him feel that he is not just a businessman but a father who can expect support from his son.

Veera tells Sejal she wants everything to be perfect and lunch and tells her to prepare continental food. Sejal starts making the arrangements as all staff leave her alone making excuses. Shalini tells Shail to go and snatch the prisdency from his brother and control the company. Yohan tells Sejal to make space for him as we makes his own post workout meal. Yohan tells Sejal is looking very happy but he will see how long it remains. Sejal copies Yohan preparing food as she doesn’t know how to cook continental. Sejal tells she will meet him at lunch. Yohan thinks Sejal and Veera Nanda will always remember this lunch.

Arun waits for Yohan at lunch with his investors. Yohan comes with dancers and dances around the house shirtless on Gandi Baat. Yohan makes fun of Arun and tells he married twice. Arun scolds Yohan for creating a scene in front of his investors. Yohan tells Arun that his wife offered him 8lacs to attend the lunch so he was just making his contribution so what is wrong in that. Shail tells Yohan to stop creating a scene. Arun gets angry at Veera for lying to him. Sejal thinks she has never seen a son behave like this. The episode ends with everyone suddenly feeling ill and starts vomitting.

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