Spy Bahu 4th August 2022 Written Update: Yohan feels betrayed as he knows about Sejal being a spy


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The episode starts with Sejal successfully making her parents diffuse the bomb. They feel relieved. Veera realizes that she cannot see anything from Sejal’s house and understands this must be done by Sejal. Yohan reaches home and Sejal hugs him. He stops her and shows her photo from the day when Farid was shot. Sejal gets all the flashbacks from that day and feels disheartened. Mahira points out at the scattered bomb on the table.

Yohan asks Sejal if she was making bomb. Sejal says she was just helping her parents diffuse the bomb placed at their home. Mahira starts acting and accuses Sejal. Sejal tells Yohan to trust her and says she is not only his wife but also Indian Intelligence Spy. She says about how TanhaJi and SK Sir had trained her. All the flashbacks show about how a simple girl like Sejal went through all the training. Yohan is beyond shocked. Sejal asks him to recall how a normal girl could easily do everything what others normally cannot.

Yohan gets flashbacks of Sejal saving him, decoding code, diffusing bomb and everything that happened. Mahira tries to brainwash Yohan against Sejal saying her saree was stained with blood and she killed Farid. Sejal tells about how Abhishek wasn’t honest inspector but a terrorist. She says how he was about to surrender and she had gone to save him but he mistakenly shot himself. Sejal tells everything but Mahira says no one kills ownself. Sejal tells Yohan he doesn’t know about her truth and she had written everything in letter but it was exchanged by someone. Sejal wants to tell him about being Mahira but Ahana stops her.

Yohan feels completely broken. Sejal hugs him and asks him to give her one chance to explain her truth. Ahana accuses Sejal to be a terrorist. Veera also joins in. Even Krish and Shalini starts blaming Sejal. Shalini tells how Sejal was present when Yohan and Abhishek got shot but herself never got hurt. Sejal feels helpless and keeps trying to make Yohan understand that she is saying truth. Yohan drags her outside room and says his head is about to blast and asks Sejal to say truth. Sejal takes his oath and says she is saying truth.

Veera and Ahana keep trying to stop him from giving Sejal another chance. Sejal says she will call Sk Sir and he will tell the truth but he doesn’t receive her call. Sejal says she will take him to place which would prove the truth. Veera says Sejal is dangerous and she won’t let him go alone. Even Ahana says she will tag along. Sejal reaches market and tells Yohan that the momo shop is a show off and there is actually Intelligence team You send me the address but there it didn’t had reciever no there. The episode ends with Sejal reaching there but finds the shop changed and even the office is missing.

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