Spy Bahu 8th June 2022 Written Update: Avishek tells his demand to the police.


Spy Bahu 8th June 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Avishek leaving the room. Sejal tells herself she has to fight and save others,she cannot die like a coward here. Mahira asks her mother if they are all going to die here? Mahira’s mother assures her they won’t die here. Sejal comes out of the room and notices a terrorist moving towards Drishti’s room. Drishti tries calling Yohan and Avishek. SK gets a video of Avishek telling his demands has to be fulfilled if they want anyone to leave the hotel alive. Avishek tells he wants prisoner number 240 to be released and he needs a chopper. SK tells 240 is Ahmed Ansari who has 10 blasts on his name and if he is released he will kill more people. Drishti falls down and hurts her head and becomes unconscious. Sejal throws a vase to distract the terrorist and sneaks inside Drishti’s room.

Mahira tells Yohan to help them as her mother cannot move as she is in pain. Yohan picks up Mahira’s mother and bring them to a safe room. Yohan tells Mahira to take care of her mother till police arrives. Sejal wakes Drishti and hides in a corner with her. The terrorist finds them and is about to shoot them but Sejal cleverly picks up a spray and sprays it in his eyes. Sejal and Drishti hide inside the washroom.

The terrorist tells his partner not to leave the two girls alive. He notices the locked bathroom door and tries to break it. The terrorist breaks the door and is about to shoot Drishti and Sejal but Yohan comes just in time and strikes him on head with a fire extinguisher. Drishti tells Yohan that Sejal saved her life. Sejal wonders why Yohan is beating his own trained terrorists? Security guard on holiday leaves his son with another guard hiding and tells he has to do his duty.

Avishek releases a video and tells the government hasn’t shown any approval towards his demand so they will have to pay and they will kill Alisha. Drishti gets worried for Avishek. Yohan tells he is a police officer he might surely be helping people somewhere. Flashback shows the terrorists catching Alisha. Alisha tells them to let her leave and her father will give them a lot of money. Avishek captures her and says he was looking for her since a long time.

Sejal asks the guard if there is any secret door? The guard tells the hotel was rennovated seven years ago and everything was broken expect a old door and the terrorists might not know about it. Yohan leaves Drishti in that room. Sejal tells Yohan she will accompany him and thinks if Yohan really wants to save people or tell his terrorist friends about the secret door she will soon find out. Avishek tells to gather everyone in the lobby. Yohan and Sejal find the door but are caught by the terrorists along with Drishti and everyone else. Avishek tells it’s not his mission to kill them but to get his demands fulfilled so if everyone stays at their place they might live to see another day. The episode ends with the terrorist staring with Sejal and telling her game is over now.

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