Spy Bahu 9th June 2022 Written Update: Sejal realizes her brother is the mastermind behind the attack


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The episode starts with Sejal thinking their is no signal how will she tell SK about the secret wooden door. The old man starts having chest pain and his wife tells he is a heart patient and didn’t take his meds in afternoon today. Yohan tells the terrorist to give some water for the old man. Terrorists tell let him die that would save them a bullet. The security guard tells there is water bottle on the table on right.

Sejal tells Yohan she has a plan and Yohan warns her it is risky. Saras watches the news of attack on hotel Chapel and prays to God to protect everyone in hotel. Saras tells Minal she forgot that she took medicine before sleeping and fever has came down. Saras tells Minal he will make food for her and tells her to take rest. Veera gets worried watching the news on TV.

Arun tells Veera not to worry Kamal won’t let anything happen to the hostages and all these news are fake so they will be fine. Sejal sneaks behind and gets water for the old man. Yohan tells Sejal what if something would have happened to her? Sejal tells she couldn’t sit and watch the old man in pain she had to try. Yohan tells Sejal is she the good person she shows or the cheater who trapped in a fake marriage? Drishti tells Sejal is not a cheater and she saved her life and I don’t want to die with the regret that I didn’t say thanks to my sister-in-law.

Sejal asks Yohan if he would answer her question honestly? Yohan tells he wanted to know about truth of marriage but she always lied but he is not like her. Sejal tells she has proof but she wants to hear from him and is about to ask Yohan if he is the mastermind behind today’s attack but is interrupted by screams from Mahira’s mother due to her labour pains.

Sejal tells Avishek that this lady is going to deliver and needs to go to a hospital. One nurse tells she has done a lot of deliveries and can assist. Yohan tells what has this unborn child done to anyone? Sejal tells they will get the baby delivered even if they have to die here. Mahira runs to Avishek and requests him to let Mahira’s baby brother come into this world. Avishek recalls playing with his sister Mahira and allows them to deliver the baby.

Hostages cover the lady and Sejal gets signal in her phone. SK tells Sejal he got the jammer removed. Sejal tells SK that the hostages are in lobby and tells him about the hidden wooden door. SK and the commandos get ready to enter the hotel. The lady delivers a baby boy.

Charlie tells that police has entered the hotel and Avishek sends the terrorists to block them. Yohan attacks Avishek and takes the gun from him. Avishek runs away from there and Yohan follows him. SK comes in and tells Sejal to leave with the hostages but Sejal tells she won’t go before finding Yohan.

Yohan catches Avishek and tries to unmask him. Yohan has Avishek at gunpoint and is about to shoot him. A terrorist is about to shoot Yohan from the back but Sejal saves Yohan from him and they enter a room. Sejal tells Yohan why didn’t he shoot when he has the master at his gunpoint? Another terrorist comes in and tells it is gameover for them. Yohan asks the boy what will he get by killing them? Yohan tells no one goes to heaven after killing,it is written nowhere. Yohan tells he knows a lot of youngsters like him who has been taught like this from childhood and promised that after your death you family will be paid and looked after but you are just a pawn for him to get his work done.

Yohan tells the terrorist he can help the police and stop his brothers from walking down the same path. Sejal realizes Yohan is a good guy and not with the terrorists. Yohan tells he can help him and he has already helped a few youngsters like him who lost their past and he can help him too in every possible way by giving him education, finding a job and helping his family.

The boys puts his gun down. Avishek comes in and shoots the terrorist. Sejal notices the mole on Avishek’s hand and realizes he is Farid and walks towards him. The episode ends with Avishek shooting Sejal but Yohan coming in between and gets shot.

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