Spy Bahu Upcoming Story: Ahana aka Fake Mahira tries to blackmail Yohan emotionally


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Colors TV show Spy Bahu, is creating suspense among viewers with new twists everyday. With entry of Veera’s pawn as fake Mahira to create new problems for Sejal, it will be interesting to see how Sejal maintains her calm and once again defeats Veera. Even though Yohan loves Sejal he feels guilty towards Mahira and she keeps trying to advantage of his friendship.

In the previous episode Sejal was shocked to realize Yohan didn’t read her actual letter and was completely unaware of the truth. She felt helpless as she had already given all her proofs along with the letter.

Later, Yohan assured her that he loves only her and there will be no one coming in between them and that Mahira was just his past. Its shown how Veera asked Ahana to act as Mahira and had given her the letter with all the memories of childhood of Mahira and Yohan.

Sejal found that even her emails were deleted. Ahana faked innocence and tried to make Yohan feel guilty about the past.

Later Sejal acted cool and showed that she was unaffected by Mahira’s presence. She said her that she was their guest and Sejal will take care of her well. In the upcoming episodes we will see Veera being confused about Sejal’s plan as she doesn’t show any doubt towards Yohan.

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