Spy Bahu Upcoming Story: Did Yohan actually realize the truth about Sejal?


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Colors TV show Spy Bahu is making viewers excited as now both Sejal and Veera know about each other’s real identity. While Veera will try to use Yohan’s love against Sejal, how will she overcome the situation to keep her love and country both safe?

In the previous episode Sejal got call from someone who addressed her as Mahira and also knew about Farid being Mahira’s brother. Sejal got panicked and thought she needs to inform her senior at intelligence team. Sejal got called from Minal who informed her about the guy who came at their home to get information about Sejal.

Sejal told Minal about Veera being SirJi who trained innocent people to become terrorists. Minal told Sejal to keep her relationship with Yohan safe. Sejal decided to write down everything and tell the truth to Yohan.

Sejal kept the letter and her DNA reports on Yohan’s table. Later Yohan was shown opening the envelope. Sejal got message from Yohan to meet him at night.

Sejal and Yohan confessed love to each other. While Sejal apologised for hiding the truth,Yohan asked her to not hide anything from him in the future. In the upcoming episodes we will see new lady who has been blackmailing Sejal will be coming and introducing herself as Mahira. Sejal will be shocked as she is real Mahira.

To know what’s happening next stay tuned to Spy Bahu.