Spy Bahu Upcoming Story: Drishti to become Sejal’s saviour?


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Colors TV show Spy Bahu, now is showing about how Yohan who loves Sejal whole heartedly is influenced by people around and has accepted that Sejal was a terrorist and was cheating him. How will Sejal’s truth unfold infront of Yohan?

In the previous episode Sejal was taken inside the jail while on other hand Yohan was with Veera Nanda at hospital. Ahana asked Veera that she knows she didn’t get heart attack and asked her to open her eyes.

Veera started laughing and said she did get heart attack but it was self induced. Flashback showed how she has injected drugs to herself to get the heart attack.

Ahana tried to console and convince Yohan to drink juice. It was shown she had mixed some pills in the juice glass. Yohan took the glass and broke it. Yohan said his life is like the broken glass now.

Sejal tried to protect herself but warden misunderstood the situation and thought Sejal had tried to kill her jailmate and was ordered to be taken to higer security jail.

Drishti woke up with nightmare about Sejal being in danger. She insisted Yohan to let her meet Sejal. Yohan called police station and came to know about Sejal being shifted to different jail. Will Yohan be able to help Sejal and find her truth?

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