Spy Bahu Upcoming Story: How will Nandas react seeing Sejal back?


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Spy Bahu on colors tv has been loved by audience for the constant new twists and turns. Currently Yohan has convinced Sejal to go back to Nanda mansion with him. Will she remember her memories back?

In the previous episode Paro agreed to give another chance to her marriage and go with Yohan. Harsh looked upset with her decision. Yohan was elated.

Yohan handed over his business card and told Bapuji it has contact no too. Paro also came there with her luggage. Lakshmi informed that it was raining heavily and all the roads were blocked.

Yohan woke up from his sleep and found Paro still awake. He asked her about sleeping. Paro told since her accident she can’t sleep peacefully. Yohan told her its not good for baby if mother doesn’t sleep well. Paro started getting hiccups.

Yohan tells her it won’t stop with water. Yohan started sneezing. Paro asked him to dry himself while she will go and bring kada for him. He saw the sketch drawn by Paro and shocked to see Mahira and Yohan as kids in the valley of Kashmir.

Yohan asked Paro about it, she told she always sees the same in her dreams and if Yohan knows who were those kids.

Yohan was confused why Sejal was dreaming of him and Mahira. In the upcoming episodes we will see if Yohan can help Sejal to gain her memories back.

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