Spy Bahu Upcoming Story: How will Sejal bring her truth about being Mahira infront of Yohan?


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Colors TV thriller show Spy Bahu is now revolving around Sejal’s life challenges against Veera Nanda who has now introduced another new bait as fake Mahira to disturb Sejal and her plans to save the nation. While Sejal is emotionally drained about her identity being stolen, she is still trying to act strong and keep her faith on her love.

In the previous episode, Sejal and Ahana went to market. Sejal tried to trick but her plan failed instead Ahana made Sejal look like the bad one by hurting herself infront of public.

Sejal understood that it was not easy to expose her. Later Ahana acted weak infront of Yohan. Yohan scolded Sejal for leaving her alone. Sejal instead turned the table telling how Mahira had forgotten about going to dargah.

Sejal told she had gone to make wish for Mahira and Yohan’s friendship and tied thread on Yohan’s wrist. Yohan asked her for forgiveness.

Later again Ahana started her emotional game and made Yohan come closer to her by narration of Mahira’s parents death. Sejal felt weak hearing the story. Veera taunted her. In the upcoming episodes we will see Sejal will plan to act strong and not let anyone destroy her relationship with Yohan.

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