Spy Bahu Upcoming Story: How will Sejal keep her family safe?


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Colors TV show Spy Bahu is all set to show the viewers more interesting turns. While Sejal already knows reality of Veera Nanda, the latter still is unaware about Sejal being an intelligence team Spy.

In the previous episode, Sejal stopped Veera from feeding Drishti and made excuse later. Veera went to have a conference with her terrorist planning team while Sejal thought to Crack the code for 70 crore account.

Shalini misunderstood that Sejal is having extra marital affair. Sejal reached office and Yohan got romantic with her. However they got disturbed by the peon. Later Sejal asked Yohan to let her try and decode the bank account password.

Yohan was reluctant but agreed when Sejal insisted. On other hand Veera thought it was impossible for anyone to Crack the password and her money was safe.

Sejal failed a few times but finally succeeded in transferring the amount to Nanda industry. However she requested Yohan not to reveal that she had cracked the code. Veera felt devastated losing 70 crore.

In the upcoming episodes we will see Sejal will make Veera donate that 70 crore for charity and this will leave her more frustrated. It will be interesting to see what Veera does after such a big defeat while Sejal is determined to expose her reality to the world.

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