Spy Bahu Upcoming Story: How will Sejal prove Avishek is her brother?


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Colors TV show Spy Bahu is the story of a small town girl who married son of a rich businessman for her mission. Sejal later found out that she was wrong and Yohan is a very good person and not a terrorist.

Sejal realized the terrorist is actually her own brother living disguised as a police officer in Nanda mansion. Will Sejal go against her blood to prove Yohan’s innocence? Will Avishek find out about his sister?

Sejal thought she just needs one evidence to prove that Avishek is Farid. Yohan surprised Sejal and wishes her Happy Birthday Sejal. Sejal is surprised to find Yohan took her correct name. Minal wished Sejal and she rushes to hug her. Sejal is surprised to find her favourite sweets.

Veera told her Yohan did all this preparations for her as he wanted to make her birthday special. Sejal fed the cake to Yohan and Keh Do Na played in BM.

Minal forgave Sejal and apologised for not trusting her. Sejal thought blood is proof of relations and DNA will prove Avishek is Farid and finally be able to prove Yohan is innocent.

Yohan stared at Sejal and thinks he wants to stay with her and give his marriage a chance but what does she want? Sejal thought all she wants is to prove Yohan innocent and walk away from his life.

Sejal thanked Yohan for everything and he told he has another surprise for her. Sejal told she has prepared SheerKurma specially for everyone. Flashback showed Farid asking more from her mother and Mahira offered him to eat her share.

Sejal served it to Avishek and thought today she is giving the sweet to her brother but not with love but with intention of collecting his DNA. Avishek thought today on Mahira’s birthday he got sheerkurma but from someone else and wished she was with him.

Avishek got startled by Sejal and hurts his hand from the broken piece of glass bowl and starts bleeding. Sejal got worried for Avishek and rushed for first aid. Yohan told Sejal reacts this way even if I get hurt and Avishek is like Sejal’s brother.

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