Spy Bahu Upcoming Story: How will Yohan keep Sejal and her baby safe?


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Will Veera harm Sejal agColors TV thriller show Spy Bahu now is showing how Sejal who had lost her memories is brought back to home by Yohan because of her pregnancy. But with time will she remember her past?

In The previous episode Sejal was worried about going to Nanda Mansion. Yohan told her she doesn’t need to worry so much as its her home. He told about Arun, Veera, Shail, Shalini, Krish and said happiest to see her would be his sister Drishti who has just given birth to baby boy Adi few months back. Krish and Shalini started dancing and Ahana also joined them.

Yohan entered the house with Sejal in his arms. Everyone looked at gate and got shocked seeing Sejal alive and pregnant too. Yohan said Sejal escaped from death but has also lost all her memories. Arun asked priest to bring Puja Thali and welcomes them and said Sejal is carrying their heritage child.

Yohan and Sejal placed Adi in the swing but Sejal saidits Drishti’s right to swing it first. Later Yohan said he will take Drishti to take rest and asked Sejal to go to her room.

Shalini told she will take her. Veera angrily was breaking objects and wondering why Sejal is alive. Ahana asked her if Sejal is just pretending to have lost her memory.

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