Spy Bahu Upcoming Story: Is Sejal in love with Yohan?


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Colors TV shows Spy Bahu is the story of a small town girl who became a spy with the hope of finding her lost brother and helping save the country from a suspected terrorist but her life is turned upside down when she finds out that she was wrong.

Yohan saves Sejal life getting himself shot makes Sejal realize about Yohan’s truth. Yohan tells Sejal everything about his mission Kashmir of helping brainwashed kids become good. Sejal tries to convince SK of Yohan’s innocence but he gets angry with her. Can Sejal catch the real terrorist and prove Yohan innocent?

Sejal scolded Yohan for working as he needs rest and told him to drink soup. Yohan and Sejal fight like kids as Yohan hates the soup. Sejal told Yohan sometimes she forgets that she has no right over him but all she wants is for him to be fit like before. Veera told Sejal that she wants her to prepare bhog for the bhavan tomorrow and she glad to have her as daughter-in-law.

Yohan thought about Sejal and drank the soup. Drishti made fun of Yohan for drinking the soup. Drishti told whatever they thought about Sejal in past now she cannot imagine this house in Sejal’s absence. Sejal thought about Yohan telling him about his truth and is sad thinking how she mistreated him. Sejal tells Saras that Yohan will hate her after finding out the truth.

Saras told Sejal it was Ambe Maa’s wish to she her with Yohan and now she will be happy in that family. Sejal told she will try to keep the family happy till her mission is complete. Saras told Sejal to take care and not think much. Minal overheard Saras’s conversation and asked him to tell her the truth.

Yohan told Drishti that Shail didn’t even come to meet him once even though he was about to die. Saras told about Sejal’s mission to Minal and she got emotional for not trusting her daughter. Yohan got irritated on not finding Sejal around when he woke up.

Drishti got amused and is glad that Yohan likes Sejal around him. Sejal went to meet Shail and invited him home for havan.

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