Spy Bahu Upcoming Story: Is Yohan and Sejal’s life in danger?


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Colors TV show Spy Bahu is now the track of Sejal and Yohan developing feelings for each other. Sejal is filled with guilt of thinking wrong about Yohan and wants to prove him innocent. Yohan is falling in love with Sejal but will he forgive her on finding out her truth? Avishek has planned to get rid of Yohan and Sejal but can Sejal find out about his true identity and save Yohan?

Yohan and Sejal hid inside the godwon and thought of getting help. Yohan texted Avishek to help them and Avishek informed Shah that Yohan and Sejal are hiding and they should die. Yohan and Sejal fought with the terrorists and end up capturing Shah. Shah told just like him, the mastermind is also hidden among them but they couldn’t see. Shah is about to reveal the identity of Avishek but is shot dead.

Yohan and Sejal look around shocked to find Avishek shot him. Avishek placed a gun in Shah’s hand and told Yohan that Shah was just fooling you with his words and was about to kill you. Avishek is about kill Yohan and Sejal but SK came there. Sejal told SK about the video and Shah’s involvement in Mumbai attack.

SK told he will need to verify the video first and praised Avishek for his bravery. Arun praised Avishek and accepts him as a member of the family and told him to live in Nanda house permanently.

Avishek used Drishti and made a plan to kill Yohan and Sejal by inviting them to his award function. Sejal and Yohan kept thinking about each other. Yohan thought fate took away Mahira and his mother from him but this time he will fight for Sejal.

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