Spy Bahu Upcoming Story: Sejal ties Yohan’s hands to hers to keep him safe


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Colors TV thriller show Spy Bahu which is loved by audience with their unique storyline of spy daughter in law, Sejal against terrorist mother in law, Veera Nanda . With Yohan & Sejal’s light romance adding more essence to the show.

In the previous episode, Sejal was worried about Yohan’s safety. She had a nightmare about Veera killing Yohan. Being worried Sejal thought of staying closer to Yohan. Later at night while sleeping Yohan asked Sejal to sleep on bed as well by creating a wall of pillow ij between so that she feels comfortable.

Waking up in morning Yohan found his hands tied up with Sejal’s through her dupatta. He thought to kiss her forehead but got hurt instead when Sejal woke up suddenly. Sejal said its her oath and they cannot open the dupatta knot for next 24 hours. Yohan teased her about taking shower together.

Later Veera offered Yohan and Sejal to go to club with Drishti as she had three vouchers which are going to expire the next day. However Yohan denied strictly as he had important consignment to deliver and he cannot trust anyone else.

In the upcoming episodes we will see Veera feeling annoyed as her plan got flop due to Yohan’s rejection. While Sejal will be shown thinking that she will make sure Sirji can never defeat Yohan.

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