Spy Bahu Upcoming Story: Sejal’s defeat against Veera and Mahira.


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Spy Bahu on colors tv is rearing towards the climax as Sejal is disclosed as a spy infront of Yohan but is also being accused as a terrorist. She constantly keeps failing to prove the truth. How is she going to prove herself now?

In the previous episode Yohan and Sejal reached the momo shop. Sejal asked the vendor about officers but he said her she was mistaken. Sejal barged in SK Sir’s office and asked him to tell the truth.

SK sir denied everything Sejal had been saying. Sejal felt betrayed. Yohan said he wanted to trust Sejal but he remembered the picture with her saree stained in blood. Sejal told him that she will prove everything to him and asks for another chance.

Sejal blurted out that she is Mahira.Veera talked to her terrorist team and told she will get the illegal chemical manufactured under her guidance in Nanda industries. Yohan agreed to go with Sejal to night school.

Sejal asked Mahira to handover her phone. She is hesitant but has to give the phone because Yohan asked her to. Sejal and Yohan along with Ahana came towards Veera’s room in the night school where she was dancing with Aarti’s skeleton.

In the upcoming episodes we will find out how Sejal will try to expose Veera. Or will Veera once again act smartly and defeat Sejal?

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