Spy Bahu Upcoming Story: Veera Nanda to harm Sejal?


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Colors TV show Spy Bahu is rearing towards a big revelation as Sejal has fallen into Veera’s trap and has been trapped inside her office. While Sejal has already recorded Veera’s confession but how will she manage to escape from the room and show Veera’s reality to the outside world?

In the previous episode Shalini told Sejal that the key Veera had given her cannot open any of the locks at home. Sejal scolded Shalini for touching her private things without her permission.

Sejal wondered which lock did that key belong to. Arun showed a new gun design to Yohan but he denied the proposal. Later Arun revealed that it was Veera’s idea. Sejal taunted Veera saying that they cannot help terrorists.

Veera said that she would be taking night school kids to library and asked Sejal to prepare Gujarati Thali as Drishti wanted to eat it. Veera thought now Sejal would be busy with house duties and won’t be able to follow her. Later Sejal realized key may belong to SirJi and it must be in the night school.

Sejal reached there and was attacked by Veera Nanda. Veera confessed how she had killed Aarti and had been using voice modulation to act as male SirJi. In the upcoming episodes we have to see Sejal wins this deadly game or Veera will become successful in her mission to harm country and Yohan too?

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