Spy Bahu Upcoming Story: Will Ahana get married to Yohan?


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Colors TV show Spy Bahu which focuses on Sejal is now at an interesting turn as Sejal is shown to have lost her memories while everyone has assumed her to be dead.

In the previous episode Yohan felt suffocated that he could not move on from memories of Sejal. Veera came there and started emotionally insisting him to accept Mahira in order to move on.

Yohan went to meet Drishti who was sleeping being sedated. Yohan cried and said this time he won’t do any mistake and asked Drishti to give him another chance. Yohan told Ahana that he will never be able to love her and if she can be happy in such a marriage.

Saras was doing puja for Sejal’s soul but Minal insisted that her daughter is still alive and she is sure Sejal will come back to their home.

Sejal was shown and getting flashbacks of two kids playing in the Kashmir Valley. She woke up and babuji came there asking her if she could remember who are those kids. She told for the past five months she has recovered, she cannot remember anything at all.

It was nice of him to give her a sweet make like Paro but she could not even remember what’s her real name.

Sejal was confused about her nightmares and identity. In the upcoming episodes we will find if Sejal has lost her memories or she is pretending to do so.

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