Spy Bahu Upcoming Story: Will Drishti’s pregnancy melt Fareed?


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Colors TV show Spy Bahu which started with Sejal’s mission but she ends up falling in love with Yohan. Now that Sejal has met her brother and discovered how he is one of the terrorists and even wants to harm her in laws family, she is in dilemma how to keep her family safe?

In the previous episode, Sejal saves Yohan from behind the false wall. But Yohan kept asking her about the truth how she found him there. While Sejal thought to reveal the truth to him, Fareed warned her strictly to keep her mouth shut.

Sejal was left in confusion what to do next. Meanwhile, Sejal herself felt weak and fainted due to exhaustion and fasting.

Yohan broke Sejal’s fast and again asked her to tell the truth as he didn’t believe the story she had said earlier. But before she could say anything, Drishti’s screams were heard and she fell down from the stairs. Doctor examined her and said she has symptoms of pregnancy and asked her to do UPT.

Drishti said she is pregnant which made everyone happy but Sejal was more worried about her safety.

In the upcoming episodes we will see how Sejal will tell Yohan about Fareed or she will keep hiding the truth to keep all the family members safe from Fareed.

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