Spy Bahu Upcoming Story: Will Farid keep his promise to Mahira?


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Colors TV thriller show Spy Bahu is all ready for a new twist as Farid has promised Mahira aka Sejal to surrender but on other hand Yohan has decided to confess his love and marry Sejal again. How will be his feelings affected after knowing her reality? Will Yohan and Sejal be able to live together or they have to part their ways under the circumstances.

In the previous episode Sejal met Farid and emotionally convinced him to give up on terrorism. She said him all their conversations have been recorded. However Farid showed her his jacket which had time bomb attached.

Sejal didn’t leave and said both of them will die together. Farid gave up and said he will surrender a day later and requested Sejal to give him one day time with Drishti and his to be baby. Sejal melted hearing his pleas and agreed easily.

Yohan was shocked to know Sejal was missing from home. He madly looked behind each wall if she was there as Shalini reminded him how he was found behind the wall when he went missing.

Sejal came back and Yohan hugged her being worried. Sejal got stunned seeing his reaction. In the upcoming episodes we will see Yohan’s planning for Sejal to give her a proposal and confession for his love. Will Sejal’s truth also come out?

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