Spy Bahu Upcoming Story: Will Sejal and Yohan come closer because of Drishti ?


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Colors TV thriller show Spy Bahu is now focusing more on Drishti who is facing lot’s of problems as she cannot mentally accept her husband, Abhishek aka Fahad’s death. While Drishti is becoming a reason for Yohan and Sejal coming more close Sejal is still worried as her truth about being spy is unknown to Yohan.

In the previous episode, Sejal tried to console Yohan who was feeling heartbroken seeing Drishti’s weak state. Yohan told Sejal he wanted to remarry her with new promises which made Sejal overwhelmed.

Suddenly they heard Drishti screaming and were shocked to find her attacking Shalini. Shalini said that she was just removing Abhishek’s belongings as instructed. Yohan calmed Drishti and handed the bag to Sejal. Later Sejal was asked by Riya to donate all those items.

Drishti dressed herself in Abhishek’s police uniform and was leaving to go to police station. Arun stopped her which made her hysteric again. She started hitting him and tore his file. Arun pushed her away but Sejal saved her in time.

Arun was about to hit Sejal but Yohan stopped him. In the upcoming episodes we will see Riya asking Arun to become a better human as he is drifting away from his children because of being too engrossed in business. Sejal will also be seen worrying about her future with Yohan.

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