Spy Bahu Upcoming Story: Will Sejal be able to escape from hotel Chapel?


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Colors TV show Spy Bahu is now on Mumbai track where our lead actress Sejal is keeping an eye on her husband Yohan to prevent a terrorist attack. Sejal and SK are unaware about the real planner behind the attack, her brother Farid who is living disguised in the identity of Avishek. Avishek has put his plan Mission Azaadi into action and plans to kill everyone at hotel Chapel. Can Sejal realize the true plan before it’s late and save the lives of innocent people?

The terrorist kept all the hostages in hotel lobby. Sejal helped the old man get water for his medicine. Yohan asked Sejal what is her truth, the helping nature or the fraud? Sejal wanted to ask Yohan if he is the master mind behind the attack but is interrupted by labour pain of Mahira’s mother.

The hostages stood up in her support and Mahira requested Avishek to let her brother come into the world. Avishek remember his little sister Mahira and allowed the nurse to deliver. Sejal took advantage of the cover and called SK who has removed the jammers.

Avishek demanded release of a terrorist Ahmed Ansari and choppers in exchange for the hostages life. Sejal cleverly informed SK about the location of all hostages and secret wooden door to enter the hotel. Drishti accepted Sejal as her sister-in-law and thanked her for saving her life. Police came in and started shooting the terrorists. Yohan attacked Avishek and follows him. Sejal followed Yohan and saved him. Sejal questioned Yohan why he didn’t shoot the mastermind when he could?

Yohan stops a young terrorist from killimg him and Sejal. Yohan told the boy he helps misguided boys by helping them with education and jobs. Sejal notcied the birth mark on Avishek’s hands and recognized him to be her brother Farid. Avishek killed that boy and shot at Sejal but Yohan stepped in between them getting shot.

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