Spy Bahu Upcoming Story: Will Sejal be able to prove herself true?


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Spy Bahu on colors tv has kept viewers intriguied with a refreshing storyline. Now Veera Nanda has known about Sejal’s identity as Mahira how is she going to use it against her? Will Sejal be able to do her duties as A spy and as a Bahu too?

In the previous episode Veera was sitting in hall and waiting for Sejal to wake up and slip from the stairs as she had dropped oil there.

Veera came outside and was shocked to see Sejal already downstairs praying in the temple and saying she will offer prasad. Sejal heard screaming and remembered how she had seen Veera pouring oil and she got careful.

Sejal rather dropped oil infront of Veera’s room. As a result Veera slipped and got hurt. Veera understood that Sejal had made her fall and thought she will find out about her identity.

Manager got every detail about Sejal and informed Veera that she is from Kashmir and her name is Mahira. Manager said Sejal was one who had decoded the password for bank account.

Veera understood Sejal is a spy. In the upcoming episodes Sejal will get call from someone who knows her identity as Mahira. She panics and thinks she needs to tell the truth to Yohan herself. Another girl will be shown who claims herself to be Mahira which leaves Yohan and Sejal shocked.

To know what’s happening next stay tuned to this space.