Spy Bahu Upcoming Story: Will Sejal be able to work at Nanda house?


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Colors TV show Spy Bahu is the story of a little girl who lost her parents in a terrorist attack and accepts the job of a spy to find her lost brother. Yohan Nanda, son of a rich businessman is the main suspect and Sejal gets to keep eye on him. Sejal after remembering her past accepts Suryakant’s offer to enter Nanda house and bring evidence against Yohan. Will Sejal find evidence against Yohan or will they fall in love?

Sejal told Yohan not to keep hatred in his heart. Yohan thought this is what his mother used to tell and remembered his mother telling him if there is no love in heart he cannot become a good person. Sejal held Yohan’s hand to save him from falling and ends up hugging him. Yohan told Sejal to maintain distance from him.

Veera told Sejal that Yohan is a very good person but if dislikes someone he doesn’t change his opinion about them. Sejal told not to worry she will stay away from Yohan. Shera told all the staff Sejal is joining here as house manager and all of you will work with her permission.

Yohan told Arun you were busy building this company when my mother was taking her last breathe and needed you. Yohan told Arun how could you think I will join the company responsible for my mother’s death? Koyal told Sejal that Arun loves the smell of Agarbatti in morning and gives her agarbatti to take near Arun. Arun started coughing and shouted at Sejal telling he has allergy. Yohan found out about Sejal’s fear of darkness and locked her inside her room.

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