Spy Bahu Upcoming Story: Will Veera Nanda finally succeed in her evil games?


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Colors TV show Spy Bahu has again left viewers shocked with the entry of fake Mahira into lives of Yohan and Sejal. This is definitely new plan of Veera to break Sejal’s strength. It will be interesting to see how Sejal will succeed against all the games?

In the previous episode Sejal and Yohan finally got close and shared intimate moments after confession of love. While they were enjoying their moments they heard Shalini shouting.

Fake Mahira entered Nanda house and said she was there to meet cuckoo which was nickname given to Yohan by Mahira when they met as kids. Sejal was shocked.

Yohan picked up unconscious Mahira and called doctor to check on her. She acted innocent and said she was Mahira Mirza from Kashmir. She even showed picture of Yohan and Mahira from childhood and kept lying.

Sejal got shocked and ran to check her cupboard and found her picture missing. She also realized fake Mahira was one who had called her earlier to threaten her.

Yohan questioned Sejal and latter asked him if he read the letter or not. Sejal understood letter was changed. In the upcoming episodes we will see fake Mahira becoming a hurdle in between Yohan and Sejal’s relationship. Veera will be using her to break Sejal’s strength.

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