Spy Bahu Upcoming Story: Will Yohan finally see Sejal?


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Colors TV show Spy Bahu at present is showing about how Sejal and Yohan have been separated. While Yohan is about to marry Mahira, Sejal is living her life as Paro as she has forgotten her memory.

In the previous episode Paro and BapuJi reach the exhibition. Paro asked about their stall number. At Nanda Mansion, Ahana talked to her fellow accomplice and told them that SirJi had already explained her the plan two days ago and it had to be executed today. Shalini overheard last part of the conversation.

Later Paro’s dupatta flew over Yohan’s face but before he could see her face, she turned around. Drishti saw Paro and got very happy recognizing her as Sejal and pointed towards the stall.

Paro had sat down in the stall due to which Yohan failed to see her. As Drishti kept pointing at the stall, Yohan thought she wanted to get accessories from the shop.

Hearing kid’s performance even Paro came there. Yohan felt her presence but again missed to see her. After performance both Yohan and Paro went backstage to meet the children.

Ahana dropped the decorative diya and set fire in the venue and her team managed to steal the guns from display. Paro and kids were stuck backstage. In the upcoming episodes we will see Yohan will go to rescue the kids but it will be interesting to find if he meets Sejal too.

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