Spy Bahu Upcoming Story: Will Yohan tells his secret to Sejal?


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Colors TV show Spy Bahu has now taken a turn with Sejal realizing that Yohan is not the terrorist she was told. Sejal realizes how Yohan is actually a good guy who got shot tried to save her and the real terrorist is her brother whom she has been looking for since so long. Will Sejal tell the truth to Yohan? How will Yohan react to finding out the truth about his marriage? Will SK believe Sejal and let Yohan go?

Sejal told the complete story about her mission to Saras and told she was afraid to loose them so hid everything from them and made Saras promise her that he won’t tell anything to Minal because she won’t let her finish her work as she loves her too much. Sejal told Saras that she made a mistake, Yohan is innocent and the real terrorist is her brother. Saras told Sejal to give her marriage a second chance.

Sejal stayed back at hospital to take care of Yohan and they share close moments. Sejal asked Yohan why he wasn’t afraid of the terrorist and and worried about him? Yohan told it is a secret part of his life which he doesn’t want anyone to know.

Yohan told her someone close to him had to face terrorism and now he has no idea where she is so he runs a training centre to stop young kids from being brainwashed into terrorism. Flashback showed how Yohan was actually helping the boys stay away from terrorism and do something good in life.

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