Spy Bahu Upcoming Story: Yohan questions Sejal’s doubts towards Mahira


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Colors TV show Spy Bahu is keeping the viewers addicted to the show! Sejal who has known about the true face of Mahira and Veera is helpless as she has lost all proofs and her family is on stake. How will she do her duties well?

In the previous episode Sejal called Mrinal and told her not to speak anything. Sejal informed Mrinal about the hidden cameras. Ahana and Yohan left for police station.

Sejal went to Ahana’s room and Veera informed Ahana about Sejal going to her room. Ahana started her acting seeing Sejal rummaging her cupboard. Yohan was shocked and sided with Ahana and scolded Sejal.

Veera intentionally dropped Farid’s childhood photo along with some toys and made Drishti notice it. Ahana saw the photo and said its her Farid bhai and started acting again. Ahana asked about where he was. Yohan told about Farid’s death. Fake Mahira acted devastated and Yohan consoled her.

Sejal told Yohan that she felt insecure of Mahira’s presence. Sejal said Yohan that she thinks someone may take advantage of him being so nice and backstab him.

Yohan told that Mahira is Drishti’s child’s bhua so a part of their family and she won’t hurt him. Ahana came there and asked Yohan to take her the site where Farid was shot. In the upcoming episodes we will see what new has Veera planned against Sejal as they visit the shooting site.

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