Suhaagan 27th December 2023 Written Update: Bindiya reads Durga’s diary


Suhaagan 27th December 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bindiya saying to the judge that she is not only connected to Krishna. She has relationship with his family too. She has the responsibility to take care of Dadi. She is mentally unstable. She won’t stay without her. She takes Baldev’s blessings. She says that he is like his father. He is showing his love to her. He is supporting her in all situations. Krishna glares at her. Bindiya asks her how will she leave them? Krishna says that she is trying to stay in this house using Dadi’s name. Bindiya says that she took care of Dadi from her heart. Krishna says that Payal saved Dadi from fall from the stair. She can handle Dadi. He says to the judge that Payal can handle Dadi. He is ready to prove it with her. He needs her permission for it. Bindiya might give divorce to him after that.

Krishna stops the song. Dadi feels happy to see Krishna. Bindiya asks him not to take any risk. Payal thinks that he is ruining her plan. Krishna asks Payal to come near Dadi. Bindiya says to Baldev that Dadi will get violent seeing Payal. Payal signals to Tripthi. She gets Dadi’s attention. Dadi starts shouting Kaveri’s name. Payal pretended like supporting Dadi. Bindiya gets suspicious. People gossiping about them. Bindiya makes Dadi faint. The judge says that the court is adjourned. She asks them to give a medical help to Dadi. Payal and Krishna are shocked to hear it. Krishna asks Vickram to take Dadi to home. Payal says to Krishna that she wanted to talk with him.

Krishna says to Payal that she is staying away from him. Krishna says that the situation is against them. Indu says that Payal seduced her son. He isn’t thinking about her always. Bindiya takes his sleep too. Bindiya excuses them. Payal asks Krishna why she is punished like this. She didn’t do any mistakes. Everyone is going back to home. But she is staying away from him. Krishna says that it’s for her safety. He isn’t happy without her. Payal requests him to take her back home. Bindiya asks the peon to help her. She asks him to say about Durga’s story. He says that he can’t do it. But her story is similar to Bindiya. Later, Bindiya says to Baldev that she wants to know the truth about Durga. What happened in her life? Why he is hiding it from them. Baldev asks Bindiya to take care of his mom. Bindiya thinks that she might find the truth. Later, Bindiya tried to talk with Baldev. He lies to her that he has some work to do.

Bindiya says that she is aware he is hiding something from her. Baldev says that their past shouldn’t affect our present. Bindiya says that we have to face the past. She can take care of her well after she learns her past. Bindiya says that she doesn’t want to hurt him. She wants to know the truth. Baldev says that Dadi’s past in this diary. She can find all her answer in this diary. Bindiya starts reading Dadi’s diary. She is shocked to learn that Kaveri is Durga’s sister. She is a greedy person. She needs everything. She needs other’s things too. Bindiya compares Kaveri with Payal. Bindiya thinks that her story is similar to Dadi.

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Precap; Krishna promises to help Bindiya