Suhagan Chudail 10th July 2024 Written Update: Deeya traps Nishiganda

Suhagan Chudail 10th July 2024 Written Update on

The episode starts with Deeya bringing Nishiganda’s ring to Goddess. Deeya sees the evil spirit behind her is gone. Deeya makes Nishiganda’s ring touch Goddess hand and seals off Nishiganda’s ring powers. Deeya laters digs a small pit and hides Nishiganda’s ring in the pit and puts Goddess Trishul over it. Deeya thinks now Nishiganda will never be able to reach this ring.

Nishiganda gets ready for her first night with Moksh. Deeya comes to Moksh as his bride. Moksh thinks Nishiganda came to him and says to Deeya that he knows she has really high expectations for tonight but he will not be able to do it as he is thinking about Deeya. Moksh says he doesn’t know why he is thinking about Deeya even after what she did with him. Moksh apologises to Nishiganda and asks Nishiganda not to be mad at him. Deeya thinks even under Nishiganda’s hypnosis Moksh is still thinking about her.

Nishiganda sees flowers blooming in the night. Vishtar says to Nishiganda that this is not an auspicious sign for evil spirits like them and comments on it. Nishiganda and Vishtar also hear the temple bells ringing. Vishtar says this is not an auspicious sign and comments on it.

Deeya makes Moksh think she is Nishiganda and makes him drink spiked milk. Moksh loses consciousness. Deeya seeing it takes Moksh out of his room.

Bijju’s parents comment on Deeya infront of Juhi. Juhi says to Bijju’s parents that all the inauspicious things happened in this house after Nishiganda came into this house and says Deeya might be good for Moksh and comments on it.

Nishiganda sees a servant cleaning a King’s crown. Nishiganda recalls her past seeing the King’s crown. Nishiganda kills the servant. Nishiganda comments on Vishtar and leaves from there.

Bijju’s mom looks around for Bijju. Bijju thinks of how to expose Nishiganda and Vishtar.

Vishtar hides the body of servant that Nishiganda killed. Vishtar sees Bijju’s mom coming towards him so he turns into a car. Bijju’s mom sees Bijju and takes him away from there.

Vishtar sees Deeya taking Moksh away. Nishiganda comes into Moksh room but she doesn’t find him. Vishtar comes to Nishiganda and reveals to Nishiganda that Deeya is taking Moksh away. Nishiganda tries to see in her magical ring where are Deeya and Moksh but she is not able to do it. Vishtar reveals to Nishiganda that this is not her magical ring. Nishiganda understands Deeya participated in the ring finding ceremony to steal her ring and she decides to kill Deeya. Vishtar says to Nishiganda that he can think about killing Deeya later and says she should first find Moksh and sacrifice him before the red moon passes by. Nishiganda agrees.

Nishiganda flies in the air and looks for Moksh. Nishiganda finds Moksh and Deeya. Nishiganda goes to them. Nishiganda tries to hit Deeya but her hand passes by both of them. Nishiganda doesn’t understand what is going on. Nishiganda falls under a trap door and she sees that she is surrounded by Goddess statutes and she is not able to use any of her powers. Nishiganda asks to come out who trapped her here. Deeya comes to Nishiganda and reveals to Nishiganda that she used science to defeat her as she made a hologram of her and Moksh and trapped her here. Deeya says to Nishiganda that she lost as she will not be able to be out of this trap and she will not be sacrifice Moksh. Nishiganda shouts no.

Episode ends.

Precap:- Moksh and Deeya are about to get close together but Nishiganda interrupts their romantic moment.

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