Swaran Ghar 11th August 2022 Written Update: Rajeshwari stops Arjun from finding Swaran


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In today’s episode, Swaran tells Bebe that she will get a job. Bebe agrees with Swaran. Swaran says that she won’t let Bebe sell roti for long. Swaran spots the same cycle she used that night when Bebe was having fever. Jeetu says that Swaran doesn’t not need to thank him for the cycle .Swaran warns him to not bother her again and says that she doesn’t need his cycle. Swaran tries to leave but Sitabo comes there. She tells Jeetu that she owes 6000 rupees from him so she is keeping his cycle cutting 1000 rupees from that ammount. Sitabo asks Swaran to take the cycle and asks for 200 rupees rent daily for the cycle.

Bebe intervenes and closes the deal in 50 rupees daily. Swaran thanks Sitabo and Bebe. Swaran gives lift to a school student of the slum. However, Sitabo collects 100 rupees charge from the student’s mother. Jeetu keeps an eye on Swaran as he had already tampered with the cycle. Ajit thinks about asking Swaran to work with him in the dhaba and giving her equal share. He hopes for Swaran to agree for it. He prays to God for it. Arjun tries to reach Nayi Basti. His car passes by Swaran. The cycle’s break fails, Swaran starts panicking. The cycle goes to fall in drain but Ajit stops it. Ajit shows Swaran how the cycle was in tampered conditions. Ajit repairs the cycle. Swaran thanks Ajit for arriving at the correct time. Swaran leaves with the student. Arjun arrives at Nayi Basti and enquires Bebe about Gulabo’s address. Bebe gives him the direction. Arjun thanks Bebe and leaves.

Arjun meets Gulabo. Ajit comes to see Bebe with halwa Puri. He learns about Bebe’s sanjha chula. Rajeshwari learns from the maid that Arjun has left for Nayi Basti. She thinks about taking Gulabo’s number by calling Mrs. Gupta. Arjun enquires about the cook who made food at Mrs. Gupta’s party from Gulabo and says that he wants the same cook for his birthday party next week. Arjun asks her for the cook’s address. Gulabo demands money in exchange of giving the information. Arjun agrees to give her money. Ajit praises Bebe’s idea of starting sanjha chula. He asks Bebe to convince Swaran to say yes for his plan. Rajeshwari calls Gulabo and tells her to not share the cook’s address with Arjun if she wishes to earn 25000 rupees in five minutes. Gulabo agrees for it. She sees the money got credited in her account. She tells Arjun that Swaran has left. Arjun gives her 10000 rupees to share information about Swaran if any and promises to give her as much money as she wants if she makes him meet her.

Gulabo calls Rajeshwari to inform about Arjun’s request. Rajeshwari gives her death threats and asks her to keep her mouth shut. Gulabo wonders what’s so special about Swaran. Arjun’s car collides with Ajit’s scooter. Ajit recognises Arjun and asks him what he is doing at Nahi Basti. Arjun says that he is searching for someone who is cook. He goes to take Swaran’s name but gets interrupted. Swaran meets Aarav at school. Aarav says that he missed Swaran, he wants to stay with Swaran. Swaran feeds him parathas. His teacher asks Swaran to convince Aarav to participate in his school’s anunal function as he is playing soldier’s charecter. Aarav says that he won’t as he fears gun. Swaran tries to convince him through storytelling and giving Kada. Aarav says that he will perform only if Swaran attends his program. Swaran promises Aarav to attend his program. The episode ends.

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