Swaran Ghar 12th July 2022 Written Update: Swaran determines to reacquire Swaran Ghar


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Today’s episode starts with Aarav asking Swaran where she is going. Nimmo asks Aarav to go and rest otherwise he may get nightmares. Swaran says that Nimmo is capable of transforming normal lives into nightmares. She adds that she will talk to Aarav. She asks Aarav to always remember that his D loves him too much, stay as good boy, not to trouble his parents, listen to them always. Aarav asks Swaran where she is going. Swaran says that she doesn’t know, she only knows that she has to go. Nimmo takes him away from Swaran.

He keeps asking when Swaran will return. Vikram blocks her way and says that he didn’t ask her to leave. Swaran says that Vikram didn’t ask for many things still she understood them. Kiran asks Swaran to stay at Swaran Ghar like before. Vikram asks if Swaran is doing all these drammas to make them feel low and he would not let her leave. Swaran says that Vikram can do the same thing but if Swaran does its dramma. She asks why she can’t follow her heart unlike Vikram. Vikram asks if Swaran is feeling cheated like him when Kanwaljeet made Ajit their guardian. He asks if they could stay at Kanwaljeet’s or Swaran’s house till date then why can’t Swaran stay at his and Kiran’s house.

Swaran says that earlier it was house unlike now and if he care so much about Swaran’s stay he could never do this conspiracy. Vikram asks Swaran where she will go. Swaran asks him not to worry for that, she and Kanwaljeet will take care of it. Swaran picks Kanwaljeet’s photograph and says that she is taking some clothes and these photographs along with her, hopefully Vikram won’t mind these. Kiran blames Swaran for doing overacting and says that she will defame her and Vikram Infront of the neighbors. Vikram says the same. Swaran asks from when Vikram started thinking about others. Swaran says that she regrets for snatching Nakul and Yug’s rights unknowingly.

Kiran asks her not to worry for Nakul. Swaran asks Kiran if she has delibaretly sent him away, same goes for Yug aswell. She tells that Vikram and Kiran has done a lot to achieve Swaran Ghar, she won’t let them down. Swaran congratulates them for having Swaran Ghar. Sharvari asks where Swaran will go alone. Bebe tells that Swaran won’t go alone, she will accompany her. Kiran and Nimmo become happy. Vikram says that he won’t let Bebe leave. Bebe says that she wants to repent for her wrongdoings and her home is where her son and daughter-in-law will live. Vikram tries to object. Bebe asks him to enjoy his achievements.

Swaran takes Bebe’s bag and leaves the house while recalling the moments spent at Swaran Ghar. Bebe tells that she can’t believe Vikram could do all these with Swaran. Sharvari requests Swaran to stay at her house. Neelima asks Swaran to stay back. Swaran says that her self respect won’t let her stay at or near Swaran Ghar. She will return with her head held high. Nimmo removes the board of Swaran Ghar and breaks it Infront of Swaran and Bebe. Swaran takes vow to take Swaran Ghar back and put the nameplate again.

Ajit tries to reach Swaran Ghar by scooter. He sees the broken board of Swaran Ghar and wonders what happened. Nimmo and Kiran rejoices while Vikram looks stressed. Ajit enters Swaran Ghar and looks for Swaran and Bebe. Vikram misbehaves with Ajit and stops him from going inside. Ajit reminds him that he is the guardian of Swaran Ghar. Vikram shows him the new property papers. He insults Ajit while Kiran clear all his doubts. Aarav comes in and informs Ajit that Swaran and Bebe had left the house. The episode ends.

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