Swaran Ghar 19th September 2022 Written Update: Swaran gets Nakul out of prison


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In today’s episode, Police forcefully takes Nakul to the police station. Swaran rushes to the police station with Sharvari. She asks Nakul to not worry as she will do something. Vikram hides his face behind his hoodie and observes everything from a distance . He thinks that Swaran still cares for Nakul only not him. He calls someone and asks him to bring something. At police station, Swaran tells police that they are ready to ask forgiveness. Jai hears news about Swaran Nikhar’s scam. Ajit hears Swaran’s name from his room. He asks Jai what happened.

Jai says that he was talking to Ankita about Swaran. Ajit worries for Swaran. Two ladies who suffered due to Swaran Nikhar, lash out at Swaran. Swaran feels sorry for them seeing their allergy. Swaran says that she can treat their allergy and heal their pain. The ladies question if Swaran is trying to safeguard her children. Swaran says no she wants to soothe their pain. She asks police for ice and a bowl. Since ice is not available at police station she takes cold water, mixes turmeric powder with cold water in the bowl and goes to apply the mixture on the ladies’ faces using a cloth. A constable brings a file there.

The inspector stops Swaran and asks her if she is the mother of Bedi brothers and owner of Swaran Nikhar. Swaran nods. They put handcuffs on Swaran. Vikram thinks that Swaran has to pay this price for being the managing director of Swaran Nikhar and he had to do this to protect himself. Sharvari defends Swaran but inspector does not listen to her. The ladies criticize Swaran. Ajit arrives at the police station and asks police to leave Swaran. The inspector questions him for threatening the police. Ajit says that he is requesting them only. Bebe and Nillu come there and support Swaran. They sit for hunger strike there. Inspector says that Swaran is arrested because she is the owner of Swaran Nikhar.

Ajit says that Swaran is no more the owner, she has no connection with the company after her sons cheated her and stanched everything from her. Nakul asks Ajit why he is lying. Ajit says that it’s truth only, after Swaran left her house, he published news in all leading newspapers that Swaran is no longer the owner of Swaran Nikhar. Swaran, Nakul get shocked. Ajit tells Bebe that Kanwaljeet gave Swaran’s responsibilities to him and he knew that such situations may occur as Swaran’s sons are worthless. Bebe pats Ajit’s shoulder. Inspector asks Ajit to show the news articles. Ajit brings them and shows them to him.

A lawyer comes there and introduces herself as Swaran’s lawyer. She shows the court papers to police. She also informs them that at present Swaran works as receptionist at Arjun Deol’s Radio station and no MD works for another’s company. The inspector gets convinced and Swaran’s handcuffs gets removed. She asks Bebe to stand up. Swaran requests the police to release Nakul as they are ready to ask forgiveness and rectify their mistakes. Police says that they can release Nakul only if the ladies withdraw their case. Swaran requests to the ladies. They ask if Swaran can apply the cream on her face and bear the same pain like them.

Swaran says that she is ready to do that if that helps her son to come of the jail. She goes to apply the cream on her face. Ajit, Bebe try to stop her but she doesn’t listen. The ladies stop Swaran and says that if Swaran can go to this extent for her sons they can also withdraw their complain. They take their complain back. Nakul comes out of the lockup. The ladies criticize him. Ajit tries to leave without taking to Swaran. Swaran calls him and asks if he won’t talk to her or look at her. Ajit says that he only fulfilled his duties. He also says that no matter what he will always be there for Swaran. The episode ends.

Precap – Aarav asks Swaran if she brought his father out of jail. Swaran points at Ajit. Aarav calls Ajit power uncle. Swaran brings some container out of cupboard. She says that the case is not dismissed and Vikram can’t run away forever, he has to show up soon.

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