Swaran Ghar 1st August 2022 Written Update: Swaran faces and overcomes the crisis


Swaran Ghar 1st August 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Today’s episode starts with Swaran cutting Ajit’s call. Ajit relates to Rj Tanha’s words. Later Swaran recalls Ajit and wonders if she should call him as he made him sad earlier. Swaran’s phone gets switched off due to low battery. Bebe starts shivering in cold. Swaran checks Bebe and realises that she is having high fever. The weather becomes really bad. Swaran asks Bebe not to worry and goes to call doctor from her photo. She goes to put her phone in charge but the light goes off. The diya blows of because of strong wind.

Swaran lights it again and goes to offer Bebe water. She asks Bebe to have tea. Bebe says that she won’t drink tea. She searches for any medicine in her bag and finds none. Bebe keeps shivering. Swaran asks Bebe if she has any medicine in her bag. Swaran asks Bebe to not worry and searches for medicine everywhere. Swaran shouts for help, she calls for a phone but none responds. Swaran puts bedsheet, duppata on Bebe to make her feel warm. She thinks that she has to go to the doctor. She tells Bebe that she will go to buy her medicinr. She picks up her bag and leaves. Vikram recalls his telephonic conversation with Bebe and drinks at the party.

Nimmo and Kiran enjoy themselves. Nimmo at a drunken state tells the guests that the house belongs to her. She says that she will remove the useless family album of Swaran and her family. Vikram hears that. Swaran is outside admist heavy rain. She keeps shouting for help. Swaran meets a lady and enquires her about any doctor or medical chamber nearby. The lady tells Swaran about a nearby Villages where doctor checks patient till late night. She learns that the village is approximately 4 to 5 kilometres away. The lady shows her the direction to follow. Swaran sees a cycle and asks about its owner to use it. She doesn’t get any response. Bebe keeps shivering in cold.

Swaran takes the cycle. She struggles to ride it and prays to God to help her. Swaran recalls her mistakes of relying on her sons during kalwaljeet’s time and thinks that she won’t repeat the same mistakes as she has faith on none except God. Swaran reaches the doctor’s chamber. Kiran forces Vikram to drink more, they have a weak moment when Vikram refers her as Kiran instead of Bhabi. Swaran gets medicine from the doctor. Swaran reaches home and gives medicine to Bebe. She takes care of Bebe. Swaran realises that there is waterlog at their home.

She switches on the radio by mistake where RJ Tanha was talking about giving message to someone close by calling him. Ajit calls there and says that he wants to send a message to his friend. Swaran listens to it. Ajit praises Swaran and blames himself for their crisis. He says that he has realised his mistakes and he is with her always. Swaran finds the reason of water logging and stops it. Ajit asks Tanha to stop calling himself Tanha. Tanha says that he has none like Ajit that’s why he is Tanha. Swaran cleans the mess. She hears Tanha’s word and realises that she is not alone, her hope lies in Ajit. The episode ends.

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