Swaran Ghar 20th July 2022 Written Update: Swaran faces rejection


Swaran Ghar 20th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Today’s episode starts with Ajit admiring Swaran and helping her in household works. Kiran cries while cutting onions. Nimmo calls Neelima to help Kiran. Kiran and Nimmo give her huge orders for breakfast. Neelima says that she needs 20000 rupees salary for these much work. Vikram comes and says that they have to sell Swaran Ghar as Jessica has denied to come to India and he has to return to USA. Nimmo asks who will run Swaran Nikhar. Vikram says that he doesn’t know as he doesn’t have time for all these. He says that his agent is still waiting for his approval for bringing client for Swaran Ghar.

Neelima asks him for 20000 rupees salary. Vikram says that Kiran will pay Neelima’s salary and leaves. Kiran says that Vikram has to pay 10000 rupees in that case. Nimmo says that they have to do something about Vikram. Swaran gears up to leave for her interview. Bebe feeds her curd and sugar. Swaran tells Bebe that she will work really hard and take back Swaran Ghar one day. swaran leaves. Ajit tells Swaran that he will drop Swaran. Swaran says that she wants to go by bus as Ajit can’t drop her daily if she gets the job. Ajit tells her best of luck. Swaran tries to reach the bustop by foot. Her sandal breaks while walking. She gets it stitched and waits for bus at the bus stop.

Arjun enquires about the auto from his employee. His employee says that the auto is not yet tracked. She asks why Arjun is trying to trace the auto. Arjun says that he wants to thank the lady who has saved his life twice. His car stops beside the bus stop but he fails to see Swaran. Swaran takes auto to reach the radio station. Swaran reaches the station, gaurd stops her at the gate. Arjun walks past Swaran but they don’t see each other. His employee tells him that the auto driver is traced and will arrive shortly. Kiran asks Nimmo for the papers of her house. She proposes to sell Nimmo’s house and give the money to Vikram so that she and Nimmo can own the whole Swaran Ghar.

Nimmo scolds Kiran and tells that she can’t trust Kiran, as she can do the same thing to her what she did to Swaran. She suggests Kiran to stop Vikram from selling Swaran Ghar. Lawyer tells Ajit that he charges 50000 rupees per hearing. Ajit worries from where he will bring these much money. Swaran asks Arjun’s employee about the interview. She checks Swaran, makes fun of her and asks her to leave. Swaran requests her not to reject her without taking interview. The girl asks if Swaran has any experience. Swaran says that she has experience of running household. She insults Swaran again.

Swaran tells her that they should have mentioned in the advertisement that housewives can’t apply for the job. The girl says that her boss had mentioned about the no age bar thing in newspaper but she will conduct the interviews and she is rejecting Swaran. Swaran wishes to meet her boss once. The girl says that her boss may not meet Swaran. Arjun enquires about Swaran from the auto driver. He says that Swaran took another auto after his and she mentioned about some slum which he doesn’t remember. Arjun gets frustrated. Swaran goes to leave. Arjun spots her earring from his cabin. The episode ends.

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