Swaran Ghar 20th September 2022 Written Update: Swaran’s damage control


Swaran Ghar 20th September 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

In today’s episode, Bebe asks Ajit to give her lift to the Gurudwar. Swaran helps Bebe to sit on Ajit’s scooter. Her hand touches Ajit’s shoulder. Ajit, Bebe leave for Gurudwar. Swaran takes Nakul to the ladies and asks him to apologise to them. Both Swaran and Nakul ask forgiveness, Swaran tells them remedy to heal their allergy. Swaran comes home with Sharvari, Nillu and Nakul. Aarav becomes happy seeing his father. He asks who helped his father to come out of the Jail.

Sharvari says it’s Swaran and Ajit. Aarav calls Ajit power uncle. Swaran gears up to make the remedial cream and says that she will find out Vikram as he can’t run away like this always. Arjun tries to contact Ajit and Swaran to tell them that Rajeshwari got convinced for his and Swaran’s marriage. He fails to connect with them. Rajeshwari asks Arjun to finalize designer ring for Swaran. Bebe takes Ajit to Verma jewelers to buy ring for Swaran.

Ajit tries to escape. Bebe tries to convince him saying that Swaran needs him as she has none in this world who truly cares for her. She says that she won’t be there always, if Swaran and Ajit get married she can die peacefully. She also says that the world will never understand their friendship so it’s better to live a peaceful, respectful life as husband and wife. Arjun selects a simple ring with AS written on it. Rajeshwari praises his choice. Ajit also choose a similar ring for Swaran with same intials written on it.

Bebe says that AS stands for Ajit, Swaran. Ajit says that it’s very difficult to convince Swaran. Bebe says that Swaran will get convinced as women never agree for anything for first time. She suggests Ajit to convince his children first for the marriage. Ajit says that it’s difficult for him to convince them, specially Divya won’t agree. Bebe agrees and says that she will talk to Nakul. Swaran makes the cream with Sharvari and Nillu. Sharvari enquires about Nakul and Kiran.

Nillu tells that they are tired so sleeping inside. She praises Swaran for being so energetic at this old age. Swaran raises objection and says that she is still young. Sharvari enquires about Ajit, why he didn’t come with them. Swaran says that he went to drop Bebe at Gurudwar. At Ajit’s house, Divya’s in-laws come to meet Ajit. Jai tells them that Ajit is sick and taking rest inside. They gear up to leave. Ajit comes from outside and comes face to face with them. They criticize Jai for lying to them and leave. Divya loses her calm and break plates in anger. She questions Ajit if he was with Swaran.

Jai questions him for leaving without informing him. Ajit says that he left to stop Swaran from getting arrested. Divya tounge lashes Swaran. Ajit asks her to not insult Swaran. Divya says that Ajit does not value her anymore and gives all importance to Swaran. She leaves angrily. Ajit asks Jai to understand him atleast. Jai says that he can’t understand him everytime and avoids him. Bebe returns, Swaran asks her about Ajit. Bebe says that he has left. The episode ends.

Precap – Arjun asks Rajeshwari if she is truly happy for his marriage. Rajeshwari says no. Bebe tells Ajit that neither his nor Swaran’s children will approve the marriage easily. She suggests him to talk to Swaran first.

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