Swaran Ghar 27th June 2022 Written Update: Vikram brings investors to the company


Swaran Ghar 27th June 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Today’s episode starts with Bebe questioning Ajit for teaching absurd things to Aarav. Kiran scolds Aarav and tries to leave. Divya starts acting as if Kiran has hit her with elbow. Kiran says that she has not done anything. Divya screams in pain. Swaran and Ajit rush to Divya. Vikram comes there. Bebe asks him not to bother all these as all th we are to kick out Ajit from Swaran Ghar. She suggests Vikram to take full control of the buisness.

Ajit says that he will call the doctor. Divya says it’s common incident to happen in a house where none wants her. She says that Kiran has to say sorry to her. Kiran says that she won’t say sorry as she hasn’t hit her. Swaran tells Divya that she will take appointment of Doctor for Divya’s checkup. Kiran and Nimmo wonder why Bebe is keeping quiet in Divya’s matter.

Kiran goes to talk to Vikram regarding Bebe’s behaviour towards Divya. Vikram doesn’t pay attention to her and says that he has no interest in these, he will focus on establishing Kanwaljeet’s buisness. Bebe and Divya worry about the doctor appointment Swaran was talking about. Bebe bash Divya for her overacting. Divya says that her friend is a doctor. She calls her friend doctor Punam, tells her everything and convinces her to lie about her pregnancy.

On the other hand Swaran meets Sharvari, who fixes an appointment with Doctor Prabha at the same clinic where Divya’s friend visits. Swaran goes to Divya’s number and says that she has fixed an appointment at MG Policlinic. Divya becomes happy thinking that Swaran has fixed an appointment with her doctor friend only.

Vikram talks to his friend who suggests him to meet investors for Swaran Nikhar. He also suggests Vikram to earn huge amount of money within short span of time and return to USA. Vikram plans to do the same. He tells Bebe, Nakul and Yug that he has found investor for their company. The owner of Nature Beauty company is ready to invest in their company and wants to show product sample. Swaran says that she has a product called secret serum which is made of pure natural ingredients like kaccha haldi, adrakh etc.

Sharvari meets Ajit who makes a dish called shag. Ajit worries about Divya, Sharvari asks him not to stress and Swaran is taking care of Divya and has fixed an appointment with doctor already. Sharvari comes to Swaran Ghar and gives Ajit’s dish to Swaran. Swaran praises it. Bebe hears it. Bebe tells Swaran that sons doesn’t like restriction in their work, Swaran says that she will give full liberty to her sons.

Ajit brings shag for Divya. Bebe allows him to feed it to Divya. Ajit requests Bebe to taste her dish. Sharvari feeds it to Bebe who likes the taste but does not accept it. Divya tries to leave for the clinic. Divya asks Ajit to accompany her. She plans to make fake sonography report by her friend stating about her miscarriage to make Ajit emotional and leave Swaran Ghar. Ajit tells Divya that he is scared of doctors and all. Bebe tells Yug to go to market with Swaran so that Swaran can’t go with Divya. Yug asks about kaccha haldi and adrakh. Ajit tells him that he knows everything. Sharvari asks Ajit to go to market with Yug and says that she and Swaran will accompany Divya to the clinic. Divya worries that Swaran may fail her plan. The episode ends.

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