Swaran Ghar 28th July 2022 Written Update: Swaran receives her payment


Swaran Ghar 28th July 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

Today’s episode starts with Mrs. Gupta instructing Swaran to wash her hand and bring hot water for Nimmo. Swaran goes inside. Swaran recalls whatever happened and cries while cleaning her hand. Arjun’s sister Rajeshwari Deol arrives at the party. Mrs. Gupta calls Swaran to serve her orange juice. Swaran decides to not fall weak, finish her work, recieve her payment and leave as she needs money to buy Bebe’s medicine and Yug. Swaran stands up again and bring the juice to serve. Swaran and Rajeshwari sees each other. Rajeshwari asks Mrs. Gupta what Swaran is doing at the party. Mrs. Gupta introduces Swaran as the cook of her party.

Rajeshwari looks down upon Swaran. She tells that she won’t stay if Mrs. Gupta doesn’t kick out Swaran immediately. Mrs. Gupta orders Swaran to leave. Swaran says that she will leave once she receives her payment. Mrs. Gupta says that she won’t make any payment as Swaran broke her expensive German set and troubled her guests. She also says that she has recording of CCTV footage which will prove Swaran guilty.

 Nimmo enjoys Swaran’s insult and plans to record vedio to send Kiran. Mrs. Gupta threats Swaran to call the police. Swaran shuts the main door and locks it. Nimmo records video. Swaran asks Mrs. Gupta to call the police as the door will open only after she receives her payment. Rajeshwari says that she will call commissioner of police to teach Swaran a lesson.

Swaran stands tall. Mrs. Gupta says that Swaran gave her loss of 50000 rupees by breaking the German set. Swaran says that she didn’t break them. Rajeshwari asks Swaran if she has any proof. Swaran says that Mrs. Gupta has proof as the CCTV footage will clearly show that the German set was broken by Mrs. Gupta’s son not her.

Nimmo asks Swaran about the planner chilli with stone. Swaran says that she has kept that in kitchen, police will come and investigate it. She asks Nimmo to keep quiet. Rajeshwari asks Swaran to think again as she may not be able to stand tall Infront of so many of them. Swaran says that she will leave after unlocking the door with payment keeping her head held high. Rajeshwari asks Swaran to take her money and leave.

Swaran says that she will take payment from Mrs. Gupta only for whom she has worked and she won’t leave without taking her payment. Mrs. Gupta gives Swaran her payment. Swaran returns Nimmo the panner she spitted on Swaran’s hand earlier. Swaran tells Rajeshwari that today she took her legitimate money like that day only and she hopes her brother is sound now.

 Swaran unlocks the door and goes outside. She breaks into tears of joy and feels proud about herself. Arjun arrives there to pick Rajeshwari but he doesn’t spot Swaran. Nimmo tries to be friendly with Rajeshwari but she insults Nimmo. Arjun learns from Rajeshwari that the lady who saved his life came as cook for the party. Arjun runs outside. Swaran takes auto and leaves. The episode ends.

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