Swaran Ghar 28th March 2022 Written Update: Swaran’s furious Outbrusts


Swaran Ghar 28th March 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

The episode starts with Swaran telling the client that Swaran Ghar is not for sale. The client tells her that he is ready to make the full payment of 15 crore. Swaran says she will not sell Swaran Ghar even if he offers her 100 crores. The client leaves. Swaran returns the papers to Lawyer’s assistant and they leave. Swaran questions Vikram. Nakul interrupts her and asks Swaran to trust them as they don’t have any wrong intention. Yug says whatever they have done it’s for Swaran only, they would have given Swaran her shares as well. Nakul says they will take Swaran to USA, Kiran says they will give her flat in Chandigarh. Swaran says that she already told that she will not sell house. Swaran says that she was helpless previously as she needed money for Kanwaljeet’s treatment and none of her sons were picking up the call. So she thought about selling house but now even Kanwaljeet will not want the house to be sold.

Nakul says that they have taken thoughtful decision Swaran can’t live alone in this giant house, bear the expenses. Swaran says she has the insurance money. Vikram asks Sharvari to make Swaran understands that the maintenance cost of Swaran Ghar is huge, there are numerous bills. Sharvari says they should have consulted Swaran. Swaran asks why they didn’t consult her. Vikram says that they thought Swaran will overreact. If she agreed to sell the house before they would not arrange the terwi today. Swaran gets furious. Nakul tries to calm down Swaran and says they will take her to USA. Swaran says Nakul that her wife is taking her to flat in Chandigarh and he is talking about USA, they better consult what to do with their mother. Kiran tries to explain but Swaran stops her.

Swaran says that her sons fooled her. They called her mad to get the insurance money. Nakul says that Swaran did the last rite alone, wore red suit in funeral, sang song, went to lake, talked to Kanwaljeet all the time, anyone will call her mad. Swaran says it is called trauma not madness. She says that she performed the last rites because when she needed her sons the most they were not there for her. Neither they called to know about Kanwaljeet’s health or how Swaran was managing. Vikram says it was their right to perform Kanwaljeet’s last rites. Swaran replies those who take responsibility get rights. Swaran says that she was wearing red suit during funeral because Kanwaljeet didn’t like to see her in dull colours. She also says that she went to that lake to feel Kanwaljeet’s presence as it was their special place. She was singing the song as Kanwaljeet breathed his last while singing the song, he couldn’t complete the lines, She was completing his lines.

Swaran says that whatever her sons have done it was because of their greed only. Swaran and Kanwaljeet only wanted love, time and few phone calls from their sons Vikram disagrees and says they wanted their sons to come to them wherever asked, send them dollars, agree with their decisions. He also says none should get father like Kanwaljeet who didn’t mention any of his 3 sons in his will. Swaran says she doesn’t need anything from her sons, has no expectations from them. Nakul says that Swaran has guardian now, whose name they didn’t hear in lifetime then why Kanwaljeet made him the guardian. Vikram says because Kanwaljeet also became mad.

Swaran gets furious and tries to slap Vikram. Vikram holds her hand and says truth is bitter. He pushes Swaran, Ajit holds her. Ajit slaps Vikram. Ajit says Kanwaljeet was right about his sons, they all are worthless, shameless. Neelu says that they don’t deserve Swaran’s property or love. Kanwaljeet knew they sent the property dealer that’s why he made the will. They also called Kanwaljeet a theif and narrates the incident. Swaran questions her son. They say that Kanwaljeet has not given them full share so he is thief. Swaran says that she didn’t protested against them calling her mad but she will not tolorate them calling Kanwaljeet a theif. He opens the main door and asks her sons to leave her house. The episode ends.

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