Swaran Ghar 29th June 2022 Written Update: Ms. Roma praises Swaran


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Today’s episode starts with Vikram describing about the ingredients to Ms. Roma. He starts making secret serum Infront of her. Swaran notices colour difference between the bowls where garlic extract and turmeric extract are kept. She asks Vikram to listen to her before mixing the extracts. She tells Vikram that he has kept the extracts in opposite container. Ms. Roma agrees with Swaran. Vikram corrects his mistake and makes the serum.

Ms. Roma praises the serum. She says that her company will finance the cream. She goes to give the contract to Swaran. Swaran asks her to give it to Vikram and Nakul. Ms. Roma says that Swaran deserves it. Swaran asks her to hand over the contract to Bebe as she is the eldest there. Ms. Roma tells Vikram and Nakul to learn from Swaran as she has more experience and she likes to support women entrepreneurs.

Everyone become happy, congratulate each other. Yug takes family selfie while Vikram gives a fake smile. Swaran tells that she has made bread pudding to celebrate but will feed it to Vikram first as he was the one who brought the investor. Ajit does a lot of shopping for Divya’s upcoming baby. Divya tells  that they still don’t know about the baby’s gender. Ajit says that he has bought clothes for both baby boy and baby girl. Ajit and Divya meet Neelima outside Swaran Ghar. Ajit informs Neelima about Divya. Neelima informs Ajit and Divya about Swaran’s achievement. Ajit says that he will give party to everyone, make Bebe’s favourite dish to impress her etc. Swaran brings the pudding and starts looking for Vikram.

 Vikram starts clapping and congratulate her for her achievement and proving Vikram wrong Infront of everyone. Swaran goes to talk to Vikram. She realises that Vikram is drunk. Swaran says it’s not her achievement, it’s Vikram’s achievement, the contract is the fruit of his hardwork. Vikram says that Swaran has got the contract not him. Swaran says it’s just that Ms. Roma wanted to give the papers in Swaran’s hand as she is elder and nothing else.

 Swaran adds that that’s the reason she asked Ms. Roma to give the papers to Bebe. Vikram says that he wanted the contract solely on his name. He tells Swaran that since childhood Swaran always use to hide Vikram’s mistake but she has changed a lot now, she brings out his mistakes openly and makes him feel inferior.

 He says that he is trying to learn everything, he will do things perfectly soon. Swaran says Vikram is so intelligent, cream making must be cake walk for him, if Swaran can make, Vikram can make it too. Vikram says yes he can make but for that Swaran has to stop pointing out his mistakes Infront of everyone.

He tells Nakul to go with him to Kanwaljeet’s study room, read and remember every formula of every product. He will learn everything as soon as possible. Swaran asks him not be heartbroken.Vikram tells her that he is feeling immense pressurised because of Swaran dominance, he is not able to handle it.

Swaran asks Vikram to go to room and have one on one conversation with her. Vikram says he won’t go as Swaran is trying to hide her faults. Ajit asks Vikram to behave properly with Swaran and listen what she wants to say. Vikram says that he doesn’t want Ajit’s lecture and asks him to not try to behave as his father. Swaran asks Ajit not to interfere.

Bebe asks Ajit to leave. Ajit leaves. Vikram goes to his room and locks the door. Swaran calls him but in vain. She becomes upset. Bebe tells Swaran that sons doesn’t like their mother’s interference in their work. Swaran agrees with Bebe.

Precap – Ajit sees that Vikram is drunk and doing rush driving. He comes to Swaran Ghar and informs Swaran about the same. Swaran, Sharvari, Nakul, Ajit, Yug look for Vikram.

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