Swaran Ghar 30th September 2022 Written Update: Swaran breaks Arjun’s heart


Swaran Ghar 30th September 2022 Written Update on SerialGossip.in

In today’s episode, Swaran recalls Ajit’s words and gets restless. She tells Tanha aka Arjun that she is not understanding why someone’s behaviour towards her is affecting her so much, why she can’t stop thinking about that person. Arjun says that it happens when the person is someone special in our life and it’s good to get affected in such cases. Swaran asks if the person in her mind is there in her heart too. Arjun says yes. Swaran says all these are not right. She worries thinking about her children, society, age etc.

Arjun asks her to not care about all these. He asks Swaran to confess her feelings to that person. Swaran asks Arjun if he fears anything. Arjun says sometimes but we should not keep anything in heart as hidden emotions make heart and life heavy. Swaran asks if there is something in his heart that he wants to tell to someone. Arjun closes his eyes and smiles seeing Swaran. However she doesn’t confess anything. He suggests Swaran to listen to her heart and follows whatever it says.

Swaran recalls the moments she spent with Ajit. She says that someone’s presence is trying to change her entire life, she is unable to understand this emotion. If she doesn’t meet him for a day, she feels incomplete. She wants his friendship always, can’t survive without it. Arjun asks Swaran to look for signs. Flowers falls on Swaran from tree as sign. Swaran closes her eyes and sees Ajit. She realises that person is more than a friend for her. She realises that she is in love. Ajit comes there and spots Swaran, Arjun together.

Swaran hugs Arjun to control her emotions. He holds her smilingly. Ajit cries and hurts his hand as he misinterpret the scene. He leaves from there. He thinks that he has lost Swaran once again. Swaran spells that she is in love with Ajit. Arjun’s smile fades away. He hides his tears. Swaran says sorry and gears up to leave. Arjun says it’s okay. Arjun says that the sign was for Swaran and Ajit. Swaran says that she is feeling ashamed. Arjun says that when there is love there is no place for shame. Swaran says that it’s not right in society’s eyes.

Arjun says that love is next to God and suggests her to be carefree. He asks Swaran to promise that she will confess her feelings to Ajit. Swaran asks what’s after that. Arjun assures her that love will take care of everything, also he is there for her. Swaran nods and leaves. Arjun looks at his ring. Swaran starts running on the road amidst heavy rain. Ajit walks in rain too. He falls and cries over his fate. He beats the electric post in frustration to hurt himself. Swaran arrives at dhaba and learns that Ajit is not there. She wonders how to approach him. Ajit decides to end his life to get rid of his pain.

The episode ends.

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